She hated herself. This student lost 50 pounds for her graduation

She hated herself. This student lost 50 pounds for her graduation

Have you tried a number of diets that were never successful? Then you should try the method of this 18 year old Australian who lost 63 pounds in a year.

Josie Desgrand from Queensland, Australia weighed 150 pounds when she made the decision to lose weight and pursue a healthier lifestyle at the age of 16.

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“I hated myself, and most of all, hated how I looked. I had no friends and wanted to just hide at home. “That said Josie Desgrand to the” Daily Mail Australia “, as the” “reports.

At times she even thought of having the fat surgically removed. But everything turned out differently. Josie didn’t go under the knife, but changed her diet

How losing weight works: low-carb and sugar-free diet

“I ate low carbohydrates and no sugar for two years. Only after six months did I allow myself to incorporate natural sugar into my diet again. In the first twelve months of my diet, I lost 63 kilos, ”she explains. At first she hardly did any sport, but started doing it after a few months and now trains three to four times a week with a personal trainer.

For many years she had to listen to nasty taunts from those around her because of her figure. At her prom she was finally able to show her critics.

She proudly presented her new and slim figure in a skin-tight red evening dress. The surprise was huge and the result of a healthier lifestyle that Josie had imposed on himself and successfully implemented.

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Noises in the body
Your stomach growls? It doesn’t have to be hunger

The stomach and intestines are busy all day. A growl from the stomach area can be heard. You don’t need to be ashamed of it – just as little grabbing a snack.

How can you do this at home?

In order to lose weight successfully, you need a strong will and a pronounced perseverance. A reduction in carbohydrates and sugar in the diet, combined with exercise, can lead to weight loss in the long term.

So that the lost pounds do not end up on your hips again soon, a permanent change in diet must be made. A temporary diet is not enough. If you want to lose more than a few kilos, you should first consult your doctor.

In order to help other women in the same situation and in response to numerous inquiries, Josie created an “online meal planner” that shows how she ate in the first few months of her diet.

“I know that weight loss comes with diet. But now I no longer see it as a diet, but as a lifestyle. The first two weeks of my diet change were very tough, but now I’ve gotten used to it and it’s very easy for me, ”she explains.

Maybe Josie’s method is just right for you. The fact is: the kilos won’t drop by themselves. In the long run, you can only be successful if you are ready to do something for your dream figure and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

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