Shelf ideas to inspire you

Shelf ideas to inspire you

Any home needs shelves. No matter the environment chosen, these pieces always bring a charm to the decor. I am passionate about classic models, such as those with French hands, but I also like shelves a little more modern and with different design.
I selected four beautiful types for you to get inspired and give a makeover to the model you have at home!

French hand


Photo 1 – Lovin Blog | Photo 2 – SF Girl by Bay | Photo 3 – IG

The shelf support makes all the difference and that is exactly why I love decorated French hands. In addition to making the environment more cozy and sophisticated, the piece has a super beautiful design. That is, it is not just a support, but a decorative element.



Photo 1 – Camille Styles | Photo 2 – Career Diary | Photo 3 – Glamor

The suspended shelves are much more modern and cool, aren’t they? The piece is super cool and composes very well in a more boho and rustic environment, because the strings are more stripped.
I love the mixture of rustic elements (rope) with more current materials (white lacquer), as in the last photo. You can also invest in a more fashionista piece by mixing the rope with a glass base for example!



Photo 1 – Brit + Co | Photo 2 – Guiato | Photo 3 – Hypeness

I loved these super versatile and very cheap shelf models! They are simply wooden boards slightly larger than the stairs or a small refurbished staircase. This model is perfect for those who enjoy a more fun and informal decoration. I’m sure you will surprise your friends with a piece like this!



Photo 1 – Etsy | Photo 2 – PRADO in DUSK | Photo 3 – Etsy

A small shelf on the bedroom wall can be made much more charming with a golden metal base or a more contemporary design. I really like the triangular models and you can even try it with some wooden boards and a little creativity!
Did you like the models? I loved it!

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