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Shirt with shorts and sneakers | Classic

I definitely don’t usually wear shirts, but I fell in love with this slightly evasive model when I went shopping at Urban Outfitters and couldn’t resist! I bought and already set up a look with her that is already in my TOP 10 of kkkk life looks.
I don’t think I need to repeat myself that the heat around here is killing you, right? And although it looks like the shirt is going to be something that will make you very hot, it does not. The fabric is super fresh and as the shorts are also very short, I can assure you that I didn’t get too hot.
The shorts are very high waisted and well glued. For me this combination of something very tight with another piece very loose, in this case the shirt, gives a relaxed and elegant look!
The charm of the look is due to the accessories. I abused the rings, necklace, watch and bracelets! The bag is vintage – and after a while I walk around VidCon so much that I love it – and my flowery sneakers that seem to want to step on all corners of the world with me.
1. Shorts and shirt | Urban Outfitters
2. Tennis | Vans
3. Scholarship | Vintage
4. Clock | Kate Spade

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