Shoes in order!

Shoes in order!

No matter how many pairs of shoes you have at home or the size of your shoe rack, it seems that we always need to organize our things better, don’t we? For those who are also hallucinated by organization and don’t know where to put shoes at home anymore, read the post carefully, haha ​​?

Photo – House Stories

entrance hall

Who doesn’t like taking off their shoes at the entrance to the house? This custom is already part of the daily life of many people and, therefore, I think it is worth reserving a space to accommodate some couples.
In addition to furniture that already has specific niches for shoes, you can also use your creativity. Hooks, pallets, pebbles… It all works very well at the entrance to the house, see?

Photos – Portal Casa, Casa de Fifia, Buying my Apartment and Going with Everything

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