Should we run away or hug her for good?

Should we run away or hug her for good 1

Productivity it’s a big, complex word that has generated different feelings in many people: on the one hand, there is constantly a sudden desire to achieve it, to produce more, to be applauded and to be recognized for their work and effort. In another, an immense need to escape this concept of productivity and the demands it brings us. The fact is: the quarantine has brought this theme to light and with it many uncertainties on how to better manage time, continue producing and still fulfill the difficult task of maintaining mental health in the midst of all this chaos.

Productivity: should we run away or embrace it for good?

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However, the answer to so many doubts lies within just an question: is it really necessary to escape the “productive logic” since it has caused us so much pressure and constant demand? First, that it may be impossible not to deal with this issue, and second: seeking productivity need not be a problem (!!!)

On the contrary, it is past time for discussions about productivity, time management and better use of your routine to stop being traumatic or something that brings us bad memories. After all, this is exactly the opposite of what productivity (when viewed and practiced with meaning – we will see that from now on) proposes to work. Having time well managed will make life more light, easy and even more beautiful.


We talk about that word so much, but often we don’t even know exactly what it means. Productivity, first, is not about how much you produce, but about the quality of your activities. That is, performing tasks that make sense to you and that are, in fact, important and urgent (in the most emotional sense of the words) is what it really means to be productive. Also, in addition, it is believed that productivity is related to developing or practicing some task with the least amount of resources possible – that is: that it uses less energy and is even easier.

Productivity: should we run away or embrace it for good?

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For this, there is not only the collection relationship of what “should” be done in the shortest time possible or in the most “efficient” way. But yes, rdo things that are linked to your wishes or that they can at least agree with the balance of desires that you may have during your day. Productivity is not necessarily a word linked to work, but rather to make tasks and processes easier and more agile so that you can handle everything that makes you feel good: from eating well, exercising or even delivering a report at the end of the day .

Now, if you think about it that way, being productive is almost synonymous with “doing tasks that make sense to you” or that are in line with what you really imagined right to do, right? That’s why there are so many planning tools, to think about what you really want to accomplish.


You may have heard that “time is money”. But think about it: time can be much broader than such a material definition. We can go to the physics side, where the complexity of time can be understood as a matter, something that we can touch and modify (if you watched Dark or Interstellar you will understand this part better). It is also possible to think from the expression “lifetime”, Where each second that passes is one second more (or less) of our trip here on Earth. There is nothing more fair than to make the most of it, do you agree?

Productivity: should we run away or embrace it for good?

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In a more practical way, we have the “Time management”. One of the concepts that aims to plan and find the best forms of organization to take advantage of the routine and the time available. More than understanding that time is valuable for your life beyond material definitions, it is important to know how to differentiate your ability before it and understand what its limits are. That is, how long does it really take you to do a certain task? This helps a lot when it comes to avoiding interruptions, wear and frustration.


Speaking of which, one of the things present in productivity, planning and time management is our frustrations. After all, the whole time we’re avoiding feeling frustrated or feeling and trying to get away from that feeling – and let’s agree that this is not a very pleasant feeling. It is good to think that frustrations can be avoided if expectations are suited to our possibilities.

Productivity: should we run away or embrace it for good?

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Jeez, and how to do that? Productivity is not (or should not be) imposed on people. Is about do things that make sense to you within your means – and feel happy and fulfilled with it. Therefore, being productive is understanding what you can, want and will be able to finalize and produce. And being in control of the things you have scope for: your own routine and time. Self-knowledge is the main word to understand this point and go as far as you can, in the best possible way – and of course, go up one step at a time.


But, calm down! When we talk about growth, management, productivity and time, one of the first things that comes to mind is the demand to carry out all these strategies and habits to “be someone more productive” (look at the frustration). If you are going to that point, take a step back. It really isn’t that simple, much less fast. It is necessary – in a practical way – sit down and establish your schedules calmly and with dedication and it takes a while to learn how to do all of that, and you need to constantly update yourself.

Productivity: should we run away or embrace it for good?

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So, it is important to be flexible at different times: get rid of some worries, understand that everything will not always work out, change your schedules and adjust them if necessary, always aiming at your life priorities. And of course, don’t charge yourself that much. Remember, productivity is getting things done with the least amount of resources possible – charging is not one of them. Confidence, security and emotional stability in the face of a planned routine comes gradually and always brings new learnings.


Although the focus is not on “desperate delivery of results”, it is important to understand that all these concepts and the search for a more productive routine serve to enable us to Act. Getting your hands dirty, making action a routine is as (or more) important than planning.

Productivity: should we run away or embrace it for good?

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The most basic tips regarding action for a more productive life – and pleasant – are: first understand about the your routine, study, search and find people, channels and profiles who are in the same search as you. Then, look at your production space / time, organize, make the environment / moment more your face and even more inspiring. And finally (to start) list all your wishes, goals, wants and things you want to do. From there, start looking for what your priorities and goals are. Use the tools that are available and that you are familiar with to act. Remembering: keep studying the best ways – always – for you.


So, for you, what is productivity? Leave in the comments to discuss more about ?

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