Shoulder to shoulder
Shoulder to shoulder

Shoulder to shoulder

The hot days are coming more and more strongly and nothing better than using fashion to our advantage. Creating fresh and beautiful looks is not as simple as it seems, but a trend this season will help a lot when putting together a summer production: shoulder to shoulder pieces are the greatest charm and almost all brands bet on them in this season’s collections.

Photos – vintage collage

Usually, when we think of pieces in these styles, a more casual, boho and “gigantic” look comes to mind, right? I think the short, patterned dresses in this model are perfect for enjoying a very unpretentious summer night! In addition, the shoulder-to-shoulder pieces can be quite sensual, but not as uncomfortable as the strapless fall.

Photos – @nazirasacasa | Getty Images | Palms to Pines | Helena Bordon | Tendofb | Fashion Break | So feminine | Camila Coelho

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