Sicilian Lemon and Tahiti Lemon: What’s the Difference?

Sicilian Lemon and Tahiti Lemon: What's the Difference?

Who really knows the difference between lemon it’s the tahiti? In addition to the color of the shell, the two have some peculiarities that directly interfere in their recipes. Thinking about it, today we will share the main characteristics of each one of them. And, of course, give several delicious dessert suggestions ?


Sicilian lemon – the one with the thickest yellow peel – is not as juicy and has a more acidic flavor. Despite having less juice, it yields a lot by being more concentrated.
For having a more intense flavor, it combines very well with striking desserts full of personality. Some say that this is the real lemon, being the oldest in the world!
DESSERTS: lemon pie, lemon curd, pink lemonade and lemon ice cream cake.

Tahiti lemon

tahiti lemon
Smaller and with a green house, the tahini lemon is the most common here in Brazil. Less acid and more aromatic, it combines perfectly with recipes that call for a milder flavor.
Seedless and juicy, it is great for lemonades and caipirinhas.
Enjoy the freshness of the ingredient to use it with coconut, mint, berries and so on!
DESSERTS: classic lemon cake, japanese cheesecake, mini lemon pavlova and lemon mousse pie.


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