Silpat – the silicone mat

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Greasing and flouring shapes is the most boring job when it comes to confectionery. Of course, in many cases we cannot get rid of this task (throw the first stone who never asked his mother, sister, friend or even his boyfriend to grease a cake pan as soon as one of them suggested a collaboration hehe), but when the baking paper can replace the butter itself and the flour changes. I say more: what if you could save as much paper as time when using a silicone mat?
THE Silpat it’s wonderful for that. Simply because you can put any preparation on top of it and the dictum that won’t stick at all. This rug was developed by the French chemist Guy Demarle, who named it Silpat when abbreviating the product description – “pâtisserie silicone“.
The main difference between Silpat and other silicone mats on the market is that the French product is a silicone blade composed of glass fibers which withstands countless temperature variations, from -40˚C to 280˚C. It is worth paying attention to the recommendations for use, according to the manufacturer:

  1. Wash the silpat before first use.
  2. Place it on a baking tray with the writing side facing up.
  3. Arrange the contents to be roasted or frozen over Silpat®.
  4. Silpat temperatures range from -40 ° F to 480 ° F or -40 ° C to 280 ° C.
  5. It is not necessary to grease.
  6. Keep Silpat stretched or rolled, so as not to damage the fibers.

To clean the Silpat, use a soft sponge and rinse with plenty of water. Then shake to remove the excess and let it dry naturally. If necessary, use a little detergent.
Tip: it is normal for Silpat to get a little luscious after washing. If some very colorful food is used, it may mark the carpet a little.
Where to buy: In Barra Doce there are several models available, click here to check. Other silicone mats, like Wilton’s, for example, are also great and take the place of Silpat; D
The most used preparations in Silpat are cookies, macarons, tuilles and decorations with sugar syrup.
williamssonoma-silpatphotos: La Fuji Mama, Williams Sonoma

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