Simple ideas to renew your home decor!

Simple ideas to renew your home decor!

There are several possibilities when it comes to renovating the home’s decor. We know that remodeling takes a lot of time and money, so how about discovering some simple and inexpensive tips to make your home look new?



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Lunches, both in the bedroom and in the living room, make the environment more cozy and can give your home a lot more life! Opt for colorful pieces or with fun prints when renewing! In addition, they are very affordable solutions, right?

Wall Stickers


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You can use your creativity when cutting contact paper and pasting on the wall! In addition to making the house more modern, the stickers are simple when taking and are super worth it when changing the decor!

New chandelier


Photos about Casa Vogue

The classic dining room can look quite different with a brand new chandelier! The chandelier is a centerpiece in the decoration of the room and it is worth changing the highlight from time to time.



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There are thousands of options of super cute handles that make the cabinets, dressers and dressers much more charming! This is the cheapest and most discreet solution, but you know that details make all the difference!



Photo – Ricota Não Melt

Changing the picture frame frames and mirrors is a good tip! You give a new life to the piece and, of course, the wall is much more charming! I confess that I love the most Provencal frames!
Want to know where to find? Look that:

  1. Etna Cushions / Here and here
  2. Oppa Stickers / Here and here
  3. Oppa Chandelier / Here
  4. Collector 55 handles / Here, here and here
  5. Provencal mirrors from Casa de Valentina / Here and here

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