Simple Tips for Renovating the Kitchen

Simple Tips for Renovating the Kitchen

You can’t always change the decoration of the house, after all, the cost of renovation and new furniture is nothing low – quite the opposite. However, from time to time we get sick of some environments in the house and it is inevitable to think of changes that will transform the space.
This usually happens in environments where we stay for a long time, such as the living room, bedroom, office and, in my case, kitchen. Definitely the kitchen was the environment that I changed the most in the house over the years and nothing is more fair than sharing simple tips that will help you give a above in this space without having to change coverings, appliances or make major changes in the arrangement of furniture ?


Simple Tips for Renovating the Kitchen

Photo: A Beautiful Confusion

Enveloping the old white refrigerator completely changes the composition of the environment, even more if you choose more striking tones. I confess that very strong colors make me sick a little faster than I would like, but pastel colors are excellent alternatives.
I am suspicious because I love my pink fridge, however the mint versions have been winning me over little by little.


Simple Tips for Renovating the Kitchen

Photo: De Clercq + Declercq via Contemporist

Do you like more classic appliances? Give your cabinets a revitalization or at least their doors. It is common to choose the most neutral options when setting up the kitchen, but colorful doors bring a super charm to the decor.
Ah, you can use and abuse creativity to assemble anything but obvious compositions by mixing tones or painting just a few niches.


Simple Tips for Renovating the Kitchen

Photo: Dromme Kjokkenet

Changing the handles is that basic, simple trick that works in any environment! For those who like more neutral tones and a more classic design, this is an excellent alternative.
Nowadays there is no shortage of porcelain or even leather options to revitalize simpler furniture.


Simple Tips for Renovating the Kitchen

Photo: The Glitter Guide

This is a tip for those who want to invest a little more in the renovation, after all, changing taps and metals in general is not cheap. However, exchanging those traditional silver versions for more modern models such as matte black, copper or even gold is that detail that makes all the difference in this environment.


Simple Tips for Renovating the Kitchen

Photo: Oh happy day

Chandeliers, pendants and even sconces change our perception of the environment. It is not new that lighting is a crucial point in the decor, so why not use it to highlight what you like best in this room?
These are just a few ideas that will enhance the decor of this delightful home environment. And you, have any more tips? Be sure to share below in the comments ?

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