Simple tips for welcoming at home
Simple tips for welcoming at home

Simple tips for welcoming at home

I am one of those people who loves to have people at home! Making a nice dinner, a party or even a movie session is always great! For those moments, I like to change the decor a little and make the environment even more welcoming. Are you also like that?
With a few simple tips your home will become the favorite place for your friends and family! You don’t need a sophisticated environment for this, in fact, quite the opposite: leaving guests at ease and setting up a more relaxed decor is ideal for those moments!
Do not know where to start? Rest assured, I have separated 5 very simple tips that make life easier for the hosts ?


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Don’t they say we start eating with our eyes? Well, that phrase for me goes beyond the presentation of the dishes, after all, a beautiful table is already very inviting. Regardless of the menu, use your creativity to decorate the table or serve the dishes.
Nobody needs very sophisticated crockery or thousands of cutlery to make a beautiful table. Take advantage of this holiday atmosphere to create a more stripped-down decoration, but that will make everyone’s mouth water. Plates of cold cuts and other snacks spread around the environment are great options ?
Mix colorful bowls, wooden boards, trays … Put everything in the center of the table or spread it on the tables and stools in the house, I’m sure everyone will attack!


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Lighting completely changes our perception of the environment, so why not change it up a bit? Instead of turning on that central lamp in the middle of the room, put the lamps and lamps with yellow lights that are more cozy.
Don’t have that kind of piece around? How about making room for candles and Christmas lights? In addition to being a cheap tip, the environment is the greatest charm!


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Cozy environments always have a little green. Enjoy the spring to decorate your pots with flowers and foliage! To make the space even more charming and relaxed, a good tip is to put flowers in jars and even in glasses.
Succulents are also great options! In addition to lasting longer and being easy to care for, terrariums are beautiful, right?


Photo: Every Girl

I am a person easily influenced by smells and I think a lot of people also love to enter environments with that tasty aroma. I’m not talking about filling the house with perfume – not least because it gets sick – but the tip is to place some diffusers in strategic points.
Will the event be the night? How about spreading scented candles? The smell is delicate, but it makes all the difference!


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Is the space small for the number of guests? Place lots of pillows and, if possible, puffs around the room. Open the balcony doors and let the staff make the best of it. Stools are also welcome ?
Do you also have tips to make the house even more cozy? Tell us in the comments, I would love to know!

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