Simply lose weight These 10 foods keep you full longer

Simply lose weight These 10 foods keep you full longer

All those who want to reach their dream weight without a growling stomach should enjoy these ten foods on a regular basis.

Most diets sooner or later fail due to sudden food cravings. If you want to keep your dream figure permanently, you should not eat as little as possible, but simply the right thing. These ten foods are the best and most delicious Weight loss aid!

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Opinions differ as to whether breakfast is really the most important meal of the day. The fact is, however, that oatmeal is ideal for starting an active day. Thanks to their valuable carbohydrates, they fill you up for a long time, as the fiber continues to swell in the stomach. Be careful, however, with ready-to-eat muesli mixes, they contain oatmeal, but often also a lot of sugar. Create with yogurt, fruit, Nuts or honey prefer your very own Breakfast mix.

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If you don’t feel like having oatmeal for breakfast, you can grab eggs. Because they are real protein bombs and provide the body with energy for a long time. Even if many diet junkies believe that it is better to do without the yolk because of the calories, one should note: The yellow of the egg contains a number of vitamins such as vitamins A, K, D and B12.

Beans and lentils

Everyone knows that eggs contain protein. But beans and lentils can also be loose keep up. Red lentils are particularly recommended because they contain a whopping 28 grams of protein per 100 grams and thus cover half a woman’s daily requirement. Legumes also contain complex carbohydrates that slowly raise blood sugar levels.


Apples have several filling contents: on the one hand they contain a lot of fiber, on the other hand they have a high water content. The pectin it contains also helps regulate blood sugar levels and protects against food cravings.

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Avocados may not look particularly nice on the outside, but they have it all. They not only contain unsaturated fatty acids and fiber, but are also real thanks to what is known as oleic acid Weight loss aid: When consumed, it signals to the brain that the stomach is full.

Chia seeds

Around Chia seeds there hasn’t been a real hype in recent years for nothing. The small grains are considered “superfood”. Thanks to their omega-3 fatty acid, protein and fiber content, they deserve the name, and rightly so. Chia seeds also swell in the stomach and are therefore considered natural appetite suppressants.


Those with a sweet tooth who cannot resist a sweet in the afternoon are welcome to use figs. The sweet dried fruits not only keep you full for a long time and can shorten the time until the next meal, they also get your digestion going.


nuts can score with their high fiber content and therefore let us forget hunger for a while. On a cozy TV evening on the couch, they are a healthy substitute for sinful nibbles such as chips and chocolate. But be careful: Almonds and Co. should also be consumed in moderation, because they contain plenty of fat.


Raspberries are not only delicious, but also clever little helpers. Thanks to their fiber, they not only keep you full for a long time, the manganese they contain also supports the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Green tea

A real diet all-rounder is green tea. Thanks to numerous bitter substances, the desire for sweets is inhibited, the caffeine contained not only has an invigorating effect, but also stimulates the metabolism.

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