Simply lose weight This is how boiled eggs shed the pounds

Simply lose weight This is how boiled eggs shed the pounds

Cabbage soup diet, low carb or 5: 2 diet – when it comes to weight loss, the choice of diets is huge. We reveal what the Egg Diet is all about.

In the egg diet, as the name suggests, mainly boiled eggs are consumed. In addition to vegetables, fruits, and lean meat and fish, you should eat five eggs a day. You don’t have to go without coffee, but carbohydrates, fats and sugar have to be reduced significantly.

Where does the egg diet come from?

Margaret Thatcher († 87), the former Prime Minister of Great Britain, is considered to be the “inventor” of the egg diet. 40 years ago, she is said to have lost nine kilos in two weeks with the help of boiled eggs. The reason: Similar to the low-carb diet, you only consume a few carbohydrates but a lot of protein. The body has to fall back on the fat deposits.

Pros and Cons of the Egg Diet

Per: Eggs contain proteins, vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin K, biotin, iron and selenium. These ingredients and unsaturated fatty acids make these little things incredibly healthy. The protein also prevents muscle mass from being broken down.

Per: The proteins, vitamins and co. Saturate the body for a long time and get the fat metabolism going. A study by Saint Louis University even found that people who had two eggs for breakfast instead of a bagel showed 60 percent more weight loss.

Cons: The egg diet usually takes in more protein than the body can process. The recommended amount of the German Nutrition Society is 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight per day. For a woman around 60 kilograms that would only be about three eggs a day.

Cons: Those who lose weight with boiled eggs have a very one-sided diet. The body lacks important nutrients. Therefore, this special diet should only be carried out for a few days.

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