Since I have a dog… + Contest!

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I’ve had a dog for 3 months. One of my dreams has finally come true. A dream filled with little nonsense but above all a lot of love. And this little brown speckled white furball is a Beagle Lemon that I named Apple. All this to tell you that my daily life has changed a lot and my interior had to accommodate certain objects for this new arrival.

For 5 years, I have wanted to welcome a dog into my home. Unfortunately in a studio it was quite tricky, we lacked a bit of space. Lo and behold, we had moved into a 2 bedroom apartment with a huge balcony, so JC and I set out to find the perfect dog breed for our lifestyle. This means that we were looking for a friendly dog, sociable with children and adults. Because as we live in Paris in a building, we meet people! But also a sporty dog ​​because we want to take long walks with him. And the most compatible breed with us turns out to be a Beagle.

Beagle puppy advice 3 months education feeding eat fast

Since I have a dog …

A puppy turns a lot of things in your life upside down from morning to morning. Yes, at the beginning the animal does not sleep through the night. He requires special attention, which is why every little moment he closed his eyes, it became a haven of peace for us. Especially when we are supposed to be working when the gentleman has decided to play with us.

Pomme is now part of the family, faithful and accomplice with us, we have already taken him on vacation to Corsica and Burgundy. Apart from the little nonsense and whims of the animal, many moments of joy, fun and big hugs have entered our life. And that’s just great. It’s like everything, you have to accept the more or less cool sides. And I do not regret our choice. However, it is very important to think carefully before making a decision. The goal is not to take one for 3 months and leave it on the side of the road when the holidays arrive. In addition, it is also necessary to make him follow a strict education at the beginning so that it is then much easier for you as for him.

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Well, obviously when you have a decoration blog, you ask yourself existential questions to have the best designer dog accessories. But aesthetics do not prevail in this case. Because even if my puppy is – very clearly – the most beautiful, we have privileged – as good masters – the comfort and functionality of his small equipment.

Designer dog accessories

Before Apple arrived, I made a few small purchases for his welcome. That is, toys, a collar, a leash and food. I found my happiness on Maisons du Monde with small accessories for dogs.

As far as toys are concerned, which is essential for a dog (Apple is very spoiled at this level) I went to the Zooplus site. Moreover, it is there that I also discovered top accessories for a gluttonous dog. Apple doesn’t eat, it gobbles… So to avoid that, I opted for a suitable bowl and a Kong. In his Kong I slip a Laughing Cow, in this way he cannot swallow it. And in addition it occupies him for a good long time!

There is also equipment for his education such as the lanyard. I bought it to teach Apple the recall. Very delicate thing with a Beagle, but I’m not going to complain he is still very obedient for a 5 month old puppy.

The majority of my purchases were made online. Because with a puppy it is not easy to go shopping. For his harness that you will find in the shopping list, it is possible to stick a personalized scratch. You can put his first name or your phone number if your puppy gets lost.

design accessory notice dog beagle puppy harness julius k9

Having never had a dog before, we turned a lot to the advice of our friends and in particular that of Emily a veterinarian friend but also that of the breeder who took care of Apple before we met him.

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Beautiful design bowl and smart accessories for dry food

When we adopted Apple we quickly learned two things: the beagle is a glutton that gobbles up food and kibbles are foods that do not smell very good! For each problem there is a solution.

For the express engulfing of its croquettes we quickly understood the origin of the problem. Pomme comes from a breeding where two bitches had litters almost simultaneously. So he grew up surrounded by a lot of puppies and for food it was a bit of a battle. So it took him a long time to understand that at home he could eat quietly. Thus, we initially bought an anti-glutton bowl which was used to slow down its engulfing of kibble!

Now that this problem is resolved, we have FINALLY been able to release the beautiful Rex design dog bowl from MADE. We chose a raised accessory to allow him to eat in a comfortable position.

Gold made design bowl holder for large dog dining area - decor blog - clemaroundthecorner

Also, as I told you, our dear Pommy’s croquettes don’t have the perfect smell of Diptyque candles! And pouring them from the giant 15kg bag to his bowl seems too challenging. We therefore made the choice of the pretty Saskia kibble boxes from MADE because they allow you to keep the kibbles on the worktop without embalming the whole room but also, they are sold with an adorable shovel that provides the princely service!

saskia food boxes with shovel copper gray animals cat dog - deco blog - clematc

Designer dog basket

Apple has a basket. At first, we bought a first price version because I didn’t know the animal and its character. I did not want him to destroy his designer dog basket in 3 days. But it turns out that Apple is very respectful of its business – less of ours but that’s another story! So we quickly adopted the super designer dog basket from MADE. Yes, of course, I turned to a reference decoration brand for the house of Pomme!

The brand offers several models and making our choice was not easy. However, since we move his basket quite frequently, we preferred a flexible structure.

In fact, Pomme sleeps in his basket during the day, but at night he lies in his cage, he likes to be more “sheltered”. It was an idea that seemed preposterous to us at the beginning, but which was recommended to us by experts so we listened to them and we quickly realized that they were right!

Thus, we have a beautiful design dog basket MADE, and an ugly cage in the living room. We therefore fulfilled 50% the aesthetic objective, 100% that of Apple’s happiness. To improve my grade, I have an idea for DIY but I would look into it later as our puppy approaches its adult size… To be continued…!

basket design dog beagle comfortable deco clem around the corner

The new round dog bed from Apple: Kysler – Also available in velvet!

Contest! Try to win the same basket as Apple!

For those who love to please their beautiful pet, and to thank him for all the love that brings you. I therefore suggest that you please him by offering him a new designer dog basket! Apple has the same and he loves it. So I think that your dog or why not your cat will be happy to have this very comfortable basket!

Bed basket design dog beagle puppy - decor blog - clem around the corner
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