Skin Care: Body Scrubs!

Skin Care: Body Scrubs!

It is a fact that in summer we usually pay more attention to the skin, after all, the oiliness increases and this becomes visible quickly. However, with the milder temperatures and low humidity common in winter, our care needs to be doubled. I know that laziness hits when it comes to applying moisturizer after a shower when it’s cold, but it is precisely at this time of year that we need to use the thickest creams!
One product that we usually ignore during this period is the body scrub; and can i speak? He’s an excellent ally! I myself forget to iron it, but whenever I use it I notice a big difference in the absorption of the moisturizer and the uniformity of the skin.

Skin Care: Body Scrubs!

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We really do not need – and should not – use exfoliating at all times, after all, the product can irritate and make the skin more sensitive. But once a week it is important to take a few minutes in the shower to apply the product. Removing the layer of dead cells, especially on the knees, elbows and feet (which accumulate more) is essential for the moisturizer to be better absorbed.
Not to mention the visible improvement in skin texture, which is much more silky, right?

Skin Care: Body Scrubs!

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In addition to the health benefits of the skin, you cannot deny that taking a few minutes to take care of yourself is always good! If I were you, I would take a little time after that stressful day to do a “massage” with the product – I guarantee you will feel a little better ?


There are plenty of product options to invest at this time. There are some with bigger, smaller granules, refreshing smells, more intense, creamy, gel versions…
You really have no excuse for not using a scrub that matches your skin!
Skin Care: Body Scrubs!
1- Pura Fantasia Body Grooming from Feito Brasil at Sephora – R $ 58.65
2- Plum Deodorant Oil Scrub from Nativa SPA at O ​​Boticário – R $ 55.90
3- The Beauty Box Detox Body Exfoliating Oil – R $ 42.00
4- Granado White Tea Body Scrub at The Beauty Box – R $ 59.90
5- Natura Tododia Macadamia Body Exfoliating Liquid Soap – R $ 17.90
6- L’Occitane au Brésil Pomegranate Exfoliating Jelly – R $ 42.00
7- L’Occitane Exfoliating Cashew Cream in Brazil – R $ 95.00
8- Exfoliating for Granado Pumice Feet in Beauty on the Web – R $ 16.90
9- Red Exfoliating Glove at The Body Shop – R $ 15.00
10- Almond Milk and Honey Body Scrub at The Body Shop – R $ 99.00

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