Skin Glow: How to do and What to Use?

Skin Glow: How to do and What to Use?

Anyone who enjoys makeup has certainly noticed that the glow finish on the skin is a strong trend. In fact, I would not say just a trend, after all, this type of more natural makeup has been around for a long time.
Despite not giving up a loose powder in the T zone, you may have noticed that I’ve been using products that make this finish more fresh in the skin. And if you also like the idea and want to know how to make this skin luminous, this post will help you!


Skin Glow: How to do and What to Use?

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There’s no secret, people. Hydration is everything when it comes to natural skin. I’m not just talking about drinking a lot of water, okay? Although this is essential, also invest in good facial moisturizers and do not confuse oiliness with hydration. It is worth going to your dermatologist to buy the right product for your skin type, but I already say that moisturizer is a fundamental step in all cases.
For those who already use this type of product daily, nothing like making a moisturizing mask before a more special occasion, right? The skin already has a healthy glow without much effort.


Skin Glow: How to do and What to Use?

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This may be a forgotten step for many people, but whoever follows my “tutorials” on stories from instagram already know that I always use a “luminous” primer. The primer is not that indispensable item in the necessity of many people, but when the focus is on the skin I think it is worth investing in the product.
In addition to leaving the skin texture wonderful, there are some products with a luminous finish. My favorite is Météorites by Guerlain, but there are other options on the market like Primer Glow from Eudora and Mister Radiant from Givenchy.


Skin Glow: How to do and What to Use?

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I had already made a post on light bases, but there was no way to leave this topic out. With a hydrated and well-balanced skin with the primer, you don’t need a foundation with high coverage on a daily basis. The big secret of that glow that “comes from within” is naturalness.
A more fluid and lighter foundation certainly helps a lot at this time. Of course, you can also create the light effect with a heavier base (I already talk more about that), but if it is possible to use a lighter product it is better.


Skin Glow: How to do and What to Use?

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Obviously, when it comes to shiny skin, the illuminator becomes an indispensable item. But do you know which is the best type? Everything is a matter of taste! In general, liquid and creamy illuminators give a more natural finish to the skin, however, they tend to last less time. Very smooth liquids also have another advantage: they can be used (with caution) together with the base ?
Powder illuminators, on the other hand, are more impactful, last a long time, but leave a more “artificial” finish. Not that this is a bad thing, after all, there are times when we really want to show all that shine, right? If you do not give up matte skin, but still like that amazing light, powder products are the best alternatives.


Skin Glow: How to do and What to Use?

Photo: Into the Gloss

As the idea of ​​glow skin usually comes with a more natural make up, it is worth paying attention to the complements. A creamy eye shadow, a pink blush, a light lip balm and an eyelash mask are excellent allies!


Skin Glow: How to do and What to Use?
1- Losh Drops Peach Color Liquid Illuminator by Gosh at The Beauty Box – R $ 65.00
2- First meteorites perfecting pearls by Guerlain at Sephora – $ 350.00
3- MAC Soft and Smooth Mineralize Skinfinish Illuminator at Sephora – R $ 159.00
4- MAC Strobe Cream Illuminator and Moisturizer at Sephora – R $ 135,00
5- Vult Creamy Illuminator Stick by Época Cosméticos – R $ 20.50

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