Sliding Panels
Sliding panels

Sliding Panels

The sliding door goes beyond the obvious in decoration. In addition to being an excellent ally when separating rooms while optimizing space, mobile panels are great alternatives to separate integrated environments and complete the decoration of bookcases and other corners of the house.
This game of “show and hide” that the plates fixed by rails and pulleys provide is excellent for those who always have that apparent baguncinha on the shelf or just want to bring a greater charm to the decoration.

Photo: Lanoe Marion

My favorite way to use this item is on shelves. Home offices, corporate spaces, living rooms … All of these environments hold the piece very well.
A good way to optimize space is to use the panel itself as a support for some other decorative element. A special paint or adhesive paper, for example, are great alternatives for turning the piece into a slate ?

Photo: Behance

The wooden pieces are great for bringing an extra texture to the decoration. The panels also help to make the environment more versatile, since the common bookcase can look like a closet at any time.

Photo: Apartment Therapy

Photo: Apartment Therapy

Very large shelves also gain an extra charm with the item. That’s because without the piece the wall would be all the same. With the installation of the panel, it is already possible to play with the arrangement of the pieces on the shelves and change the face of the space when necessary.

Photo: Rehaus Hanssem

Did you like this idea too? I’m sure the piece can work somewhere in your house casa

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