Slim and well trained Krass! Halle Berry keeps himself fit with this awesome workout

Slim and well trained Krass!  Halle Berry keeps himself fit with this awesome workout

Halle Berry not only looks stunning at 52 years old, she also has a slim and fit body. You can find out how she does it and how you can look like this here.

The US actress Halle Berry (52) is one of the fittest stars in the USA. She keeps her body in such good shape with numerous fitness workouts that she would be fine by her late twenties.

Above in the video: This exercise conjures up a firm bottom!

With this tough training, Halle Berry keeps fit

According to a report in the online magazine “”, Halle Berry did yoga, boxing and high-intensity training – until she met her personal trainer Peter Lee Thomas. Already at the first meeting he was enthusiastic about her discipline, her appearance. Lee made it his business to make Halle Berry even fitter.

That’s why Lee is now teaching the US actress a combination of boxing, military training and martial arts to further perfect your body. These types of sports and fitness are said to be particularly effective for increasing stamina and for burning fat, because they work the entire body and require a lot of discipline and stamina.

Sounds impossible? Not correct. With these tips you too can manage the hard workout and train your fitness like the star.

At home: effective exercises and a healthy diet for a Halle Berry Body

The training of the 52-year-old actress is tough and takes a lot of discipline. To get closer to the dream of a body like Halle Berry’s, it is best to start slowly and increase step by step.

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