Slim fast With these diets you are guaranteed to lose weight

Slim fast With these diets you are guaranteed to lose weight

There are numerous diets that finally promise lasting success. But some of the methods are extremely tedious – or even unhealthy. We have put together a list of the diets that will really help you lose weight and also help you live a healthier life over the long term.

Which diet really helps you lose weight – without the annoying yo-yo effect? The American news magazine “US News & World Report” has now published a list of diets that should lead to lasting success. The evaluation focused on permanent weight loss, but many other aspects, including the impact on your health, were also evaluated. Just click through the gallery above to see which diet made it to number one.

The ranking:

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The American news magazine “US News & World Report” has published an annual ranking on its website for the ninth time, which evaluates various diets for weight loss according to different criteria. Recognized experts in the fields of diet, nutrition, obesity, nutritional psychology, diabetes and heart disease have used their expertise to evaluate the diets, among other things, according to aspects of health and chances of success. So the focus is not only on weight loss, but also on a healthy life. The result is a list of the best weight loss diets of 2019.

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10. The “Mayo Clinic” diet:

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This diet is about replacing unhealthy eating habits with healthy ones. The “Mayo Clinic” diet relies on a unique food pyramid. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are at the bottom, so they are most important. The point here is to mainly consume foods with a low energy density. The weekly weight loss is 0.5 to 1 kilo. It is about a permanent change to a healthy lifestyle, so the weight can also be maintained. The change in diet is supplemented by 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day.

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9. The “HMR” program:

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“HMR” stands for “Halt Management Resources”. This method is based on a reduction in calorie intake. The program can be carried out at home or, if you are extremely overweight, even in the clinic. In the first few weeks, participants are sent ready-made meals that are low in calories. Shakes and bars are also part of the plan. After three weeks the participants should cook for themselves. The point is to consume healthy foods, for example plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and at the same time (at least during the first three weeks) not to exceed 1200 kilocalories a day. Ultimately, it is also about switching to a permanently healthy lifestyle.

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8. The raw food diet:

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Cooking, no thanks! You don’t have to count calories on this diet, but there are still limitations. The vitamin content of plant-based foods is highest when raw, but starchy foods such as potatoes cannot be eaten raw. Unpasteurized milk, raw fish and raw meat are allowed. All fruits and vegetables should be untreated. This automatically reduces the number of calories, but this is precisely what has been criticized. Eating enough food can be difficult on this diet – and then it becomes unhealthy.

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7. “Ornish” diet:

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This diet is more aimed at a major lifestyle change. It was developed by the American cardiologist Dean Ornish, who wanted to improve the heart health of his patients. The diet is extremely low in fat; animal proteins and refined carbohydrates are largely avoided. You should do sport for at least 30 minutes six times a week, and 60 minutes of stress management in the form of yoga and the like should be practiced every day.

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6. “Engine 2” diet:

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Rip Esselstyn from Texas is actually a firefighter. But after several missions caused by being overweight, he developed a weight loss program. The method is based on a plant-based diet. Strictly speaking, you are vegan, but refined carbohydrates, white flour, white sugar and finished products are also taboo. In this way you not only eliminate most of the fattening foods, but also do your health a huge favor.

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5. Veganism:

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This way of life is not really a diet program, but it usually has the pleasant side effect of weight loss. Without exception, vegans forego all animal-based foods, including eggs and products containing gelatine and milk. This avoids a lot of potential sources of fat like butter, sausage and eggs in the first place. Instead, many healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables are on the menu. But be careful: Vegan substitutes and too many wheat products are usually hidden fattening foods.

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4. The “Jenny Craig” Diet:

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This program has been on the market since 1983. It is based on three pillars: a healthy relationship with food, adequate exercise and mental stability. At the beginning there are fat and calorie-reduced ready meals, later the participants should cook themselves and develop an awareness for healthy food. Counting calories is the name of the game here, however, between 1200 and 1400 kilocalories per day are the maximum. Help, coaching and recipes are available online, and exercise is essential for the method.

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3. The “Flexitarian” diet:

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Flexitarians are something like part-time vegetarians. This means that they are mainly vegetarian, but from time to time animal products are allowed. The method goes back to Dawn Jackson Blatner’s book “The Flexitarian Diet”. By focusing on plant-based foods, one should not only automatically lose weight, but also do one’s health a favor. Cardiovascular diseases decrease and the risk of diabetes and cancer also decreases.

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2. The “Volumetrics” diet:

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This weight loss method is not about counting calories. Instead, Professor Barbara Rolls from Penn State University in Pennsylvania found that it is not the amount of food that determines obesity, but the so-called energy density. Foods with a high energy density are more likely to lead to weight gain. A low density has a high volume, so the stomach is filled. Non-starchy fruits, low-fat milk, and clear soups are examples of foods with a very low energy density.

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1. Weight Watchers:

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The program that counts points is probably one of the best known – and rightly so, at least according to the ranking. A “Smart Point” system has existed since 2017, in which the nutritional value of the food also plays a role, not just the number of calories. It’s about switching to a healthy lifestyle. There are also chats and face-to-face meetings to support the participants in their weight loss and, above all, to help them stay slim and healthy over the long term.

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