Slim without a diet? Researchers discover bacteria that help lose weight

Slim without a diet?  Researchers discover bacteria that help lose weight

Lose weight – without any diet or strenuous endurance sports? What sounds unbelievable could soon become a reality. The secret weapon in the fight against extra pounds: bacteria!

New hope for all people who have so far not been able to achieve great success in losing weight despite diet and exercise: The slimming product comes in the form of a bacterium called “Akkermansia muciniphila”, as reported by the online magazine “”. Belgian researchers at the Catholic University of Leuven have found that these bacteria, which are in our intestines, obviously have a major impact on our weight. The intestinal flora is therefore largely responsible when there are disorders associated with overweight and obesity.

The study, which was published in the journal “Nature Medicine”, now provides more precise information on how the bacterium “Akkermansia muciniphila” affects lipid metabolism.

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This is how the study went

A test run with patients brought amazing results to light. 40 obese and overweight patients took part in the study, divided into three groups. The bacteria were given to the first group in pasteurized form as a dietary supplement. The second group received live bacteria and the third group received a placebo. However, the participants were not informed of what they were consuming.

Under the condition not to diet and not to change eating or exercise habits, remarkable results were already apparent after three months. In the first group, the metabolism had improved and the weight had been reduced by an average of 2.7 kilograms per person. Another positive side effect: the liver and inflammation values ​​had also improved significantly, as had the total cholesterol value.

The second group and the placebo patients were less lucky with losing weight – there was hardly any improvement here.

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When will the product be on the market?

The study confirmed an experiment that had previously been successfully carried out on mice. The small rodents also developed no obesity and no type 2 diabetes.

However, it will be a while before the pasteurized bacteria can be purchased or prescribed. Since the number of participants in the study was relatively small, large-scale studies have yet to be carried out. Only then can it really be checked whether the promising treatment with “Akkermansia muciniphila” is actually working.

Until then, a proper diet and adequate exercise should still be high on the list of diet tips when it comes to losing weight.

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