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Slim without a workout With this simple remedy you can boost your fat burning

Just standing, not an arduous workout and still losing weight? That sounds like music to your ears! Working while standing can actually help you lose weight.

Many of us do most of our office jobs while sitting. To be more precise, it’s 46 percent. The private health insurance company DKV recently announced this. However, you can also operate your computer while standing. Working while standing also has a positive side effect. If you want to lose weight in the office, this can help.

Working while standing burns calories

According to a report by the MDR, US cardiologists found that people burn more calories when they work while standing. A study by US doctors published in the “European Journal of Preventive Cardiology 1” comes to further conclusions.

  • Working standing at the computer is easy on your back

  • Working while standing promotes creativity

  • Additional muscle activity is createdwhich has been linked to lower rates of heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes

  • Losing weight in the office works because the body gets rid of excess energy reserves faster while standing

  • The body consumes around 0.15 calories more when standing than when sitting

However, medical professionals emphasize that this is not an effective way of losing weight in the office. You would have to work standing for several hours a day for years. However, this can also have negative effects on your health.


These are the 5 best weight loss tricks for the office

For many of us, everyday stress starts in the morning and breakfast is regularly canceled. Until the lunch break, one snack after the other is stuffed into it so that the stomach doesn’t growl unpleasantly during the meeting. The cornerstone for uncontrolled food cravings is thus laid. Do you want to break out of this vicious circle? Then take our 5 weight loss tricks for the office to heart.

Enzyme is cranked by standing

Another important point: If you sit all day, your fat burning drives into the basement. This is what scientists from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center found out. The enzyme sucks fat molecules out of the blood and burns them. If we sit too long, activity drops by 90 percent – fat burning virtually comes to a standstill. Apparently this cannot be compensated for by exercise, the study shows that you have to stand for at least three hours a day for the enzyme to work.

Working while standing: the disadvantages

If you only work standing up, it can have a negative effect on your musculoskeletal system. For example, chronic pain in the knees and joints can arise because they are constantly under stress. Problems with the veins can also result.

Therefore, standing still for a long time is not a solution, says sports medicine specialist Ingo Froböse from the German Sport University in Cologne. On the other hand, it helps to get up briefly from the desk every now and then, continues Froböse. However, there is still another way of combining standing work and relieving the strain on the joints.

A height-adjustable table is the ideal solution

At a height-adjustable table you can work either sitting or standing. The table is electrically raised or lowered at the push of a button until the desired position is reached. Some people who already use such a height-adjustable table in their office work standing up in the mornings and sitting down in the afternoons.

In this way the advantages of working while standing are used and the disadvantages thereof are minimized. A height-adjustable table is a worthwhile investment in employee health care.

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