Slimming noodles Consumer protection investigated: do you lose weight with konjac noodles?

Slimming noodles Consumer protection investigated: do you lose weight with konjac noodles?

Konjak noodles are so-called low carb noodles, i.e. noodles with a very low content of carbohydrates. And that should make losing weight easy. But does it really do that?

Konjak noodles have experienced a real boom in recent years. They are considered kLow-carb alternative to conventional pasta, also as low-calorie, in short: They are popular slimming products. But are they really? D.hen that is what opinions are about from nutritionists and consumer protection apart.

What are konjac noodles?

Konjak or Shirataki noodles are nothing new in themselves – on the contrary. They have been a traditional part of Japanese cuisine for centuries and meanwhile spread all over Asia. There they mainly end up in soups, but in Germany they are traded as a lean alternative to pasta.

The noodles mainly consist of konjak root flour and water. According to the nutritionist Tabea Böhler on “” the pasta is free of carbohydrates, fat and gluten. 100 grams of konjac noodles only contain around 15 calories – compared to 100 grams of conventional cooked pasta, around 130 grams. That sounds promising.

Fiber is an important factor in losing weight.

F-factor diet (symbolic image)

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F-Factor: This diet sheds the pounds

Losing weight without compromising sounds just too good to be true. But with the F-factor diet, a lot is allowed that would be unthinkable when losing weight with the classic low-carb variant: carbohydrates, dining out and even alcohol.

D.he fiber Glucomannan makes the difference

D.he konjac flour consists mainly of glucomannan, a fiber. But according to Tabea Böhler, it is also a real miracle cure. In Southeast Asia, glucomannan is also used medicinally, for example as an expectorant for coughs or asthma or for detoxification. It also has a positive effect on blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Interesting as Pasta E.However, glucomannan is mainly used because it can absorb up to 50 times its own mass in water. The noodles swell up again in the stomach, so the satiety would last longer. According to the nutritionist, it is above all this quality that qualifies konjac noodles as real slimming products.

Ppractically no nutrients

With so much light there are of course also shadows. According to Sabine Hülsmann, a food expert at the Bavarian Consumer Center, the konjac noodles also contain Glucomannan practically no other nutrients. In whole wheat pasta, for example, you would find vitamin B, selenium, magnesium and other valuable ingredients. Those who switch completely from conventional noodles to konjac noodles must make sure that For example, to compensate for this nutrient gap through vegetables. L.according to the nutritionist’s remarks Richard Hartmann On “”, allergic reactions such as itching or swelling can occur in rare cases.

Can you lose weight by breathing properly? One can!



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There are many factors to consider when losing weight. Our expert Sabrina Wolf will explain to you why breathing is one of them.

Split opinions

But the konjac noodles really make you lose weight childrenlight? According to Richard Hartmann, there are no specific studies on this yet and opinions differ. Hartmann and Tabea Böhler see konjak noodles as an effective diet aid due to the low calorie and carbohydrate content and the long-lasting satiety effect, which has been used countless times in practice have proven.

Consumer advocate Sabine Hülsmann sees it differently. In her opinion, simply switching from pasta to konjac noodles does not lead to any noticeable weight loss. You can save a few calories, but that’s important especially balanced complementary foods and exercise that stimulate digestion and fat burning. Konjac noodles could help you lose weight, but they are not the only miracle cure.

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