Slimming trick Losing weight is that easy with the 25-second rule

Slimming trick Losing weight is that easy with the 25-second rule

Simple and really fast: A mental trick leads to a healthier diet and promises weight loss. We reveal how this should work here!

Almost every second German weighs too many pounds. Eating is the easiest way to reward yourself. On the one hand, being overweight is a visual problem for many. Depending on your self-confidence, a few pounds too much can quickly lead to shame, which leads to frustration. On the other hand, too many pounds are harmful to health in the long term. Cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are often ascribed to being very overweight. Everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin and, ideally, stay healthy.

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Lose weight on the stomach
So you finally get rid of the annoying lower abdominal fat

Nobody can do without fat. But when annoying rolls form on the stomach, it not only looks ugly, it also harbors health risks. If you then take countermeasures quickly, you reduce the risk of serious illnesses and feel more comfortable in your body. With these tips you can lose weight on the stomach.

Now, a clinical psychologist from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago has discovered that not only do you eat a lot, but impatience makes you fat too. Or to put it another way: if you can wait at least 25 seconds, you usually choose healthier and lower-calorie snacks and are more likely to lose weight in this way.

Patience makes you thin

Scientist Brad Appelhans and his team built a very special snack vending machine for his experiment and manipulated the timing of the dispensing: if the test subjects chose an unhealthy snack such as a chocolate bar, it took 25 seconds for it to tumble out of the machine. Until the countdown, which the participants could follow on a screen, they also had the opportunity to opt for healthier snacks such as muesli bars or dried fruit, which were immediately ejected from the machine.

The result was astonishing: the majority of the test subjects did not want to wait and opted for a healthier snack. “Having to wait for something doesn’t necessarily make it more desirable,” explains Appelhans. “People want instant gratification, and that need influences their decisions and behavior.”

Only 25 seconds to reason

Applied to real life, this realization means nothing more than to cheat our hunger center in the brain and give it enough time to decide what it really wants to eat. Instead of looting the fridge or destroying the bag of chips when you are hungry, it is enough to count to 25. This short period of time alone is enough to dim your appetite and to resort to a healthier alternative.

So when you have cravings, count “one, two, three, four, five …” and then listen to what you would like to eat. Often you will find after 25 seconds that you are actually not hungry at all. If you do, then there is a high probability that you will choose a more nutritious snack.

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lose weight
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Don’t have time to diet? With our everyday tricks you can lose fat in no time and without the yo-yo effect.

Conclusion: The 25-second rule is not a fundamental change in diet. But it is a very uncomplicated trick to protect yourself from food cravings or to signal to the reward center in the brain that there is no sin now. And that saves a lot of calories in the long run.

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