Slippers aren’t just on the beach, you know?

Slippers aren't just on the beach, you know?

I came back from Boipeba and it was certainly one of the best trips I could have done! Besides the place being charming, the climate delicious and having time to relax, this calm is reflected in our look, isn’t it? And if you have an indispensable piece to enjoy the summer in that very comfortable way, it’s the slipper!
Nowadays there are dozens of variations of super beautiful and stylish models. I selected my favorites for you to be inspired and see that you can use a really cool look with a nice pair of slippers!



Photo 1 – Style Caster / Photo 2 – Instagram: @magavilhas / Photo 3 – Who What Wears

Every Brazilian has a pair of simple beeem flip-flops for everyday wear. No matter the model, be it the finger or even the straps that came back with everything, the look is much more stripped and the face of summer. Use it without fear on weekends for a stroll, market, friends’ house … Nobody deserves to put on a sneaker that boils the foot with 40º outside.



Foto 1 – RioETC / Foto 2 – A Tarde / Foto 3 – Instagram: @magavilhas

Look how many beautiful and super different ideas with slippers? Models with vibrant colors are ideal for a more fun and stylish look. The strip model is the most modern of them and that’s why I selected these images. Melissa has several amazing models (the one in the second photo is called Wonderful).
Nike and Adidas also have several super stylish and mega comfortable pieces!



Photo 1 – Instagram: @magavilhas / Photo 2 – Ju Romano / Photo 3 – The Northern Light

I love basic and interesting models at the same time. Black and white help maintain the neutrality of the piece, but design is what matters most. Less is more? In a way yes, because fewer pieces make the look more elegant and sophisticated. At the same time we have to pay attention and make more accurate choices, buying pieces with a different design is always a great option!
Want to know where to buy? I made a small selection of models that I love:

  1. Ipanema 77 at Dafiti | R $ 59.99
  2. Adidas Performance at Dafiti | R $ 79.90
  3. Havaianas Farm Color Block | R $ 49.00
  4. Slim Retro Havaianas | R $ 34.90
  5. Strips Platina Platinum at Schutz | R $ 160.00

Do you also love a slipper?

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