Small balconies

Small balconies

Having an “open” space in the apartment makes all the difference – even if it is a very small environment. It is common to see balconies increasingly smaller and integrated into the room, but this corner can be one of your favorites in the house, you know?

Photo – Traveling on the Apê

Even with little space, your balcony can accommodate two people well and become a very charming resting environment. Choosing the right furniture, this room will look amazing ?

Small tables


Photos about Casa da Valentina

You don’t have to make the famous “gourmet balcony” if the space is too small. It is very worthwhile to go after smaller tables and chairs to make the decoration more harmonious. This semi-circle table, for example, is perfect for a couple and leaves more space available to place plants and other objects.
The planned furniture makes a big difference in small spaces and ends up paying off to invest a little more at that time to create a more functional and, of course, beautiful environment.

Shelving and panels


Photos – Directional Engineering, Lemon in Water and IKEA USA

Usually the balconies are narrow, so why not take advantage of the vertical space? Panels are excellent options, especially those with wooden slats that can support hooks and, consequently, many vases and decorative pieces. The panel can still serve as a basis for a beautiful living wall, see?
Narrow shelves and narrow shelves also work in these environments. The second photo shows a great idea of ​​an adapted staircase; a simple, inexpensive and very cool.

Long benches


Photos – Deposito Santa Mariah and Pinterest

Long benches and futons can be perfect for a balcony where the focus is rest. With this choice you will not be cluttering the environment with lots of furniture and the impression it gives is of being in a much larger place?

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