Small fairs you can’t miss in Buenos Aires

Small fairs you can't miss in Buenos Aires

Who doesn’t like to find practically exclusive clothes, accessories and decoration items at a great price? I can’t resist an antique fair or a famous flea market, not even in São Paulo, let alone travel!
You can already imagine my happiness when I discovered that Buenos Aires, my next destination, is full of incredible fairs, right? I can’t wait to make my discoveries and bring some peculiarities in the suitcase. I made a selection with the most famous fairs in the Argentine capital for those who, like me, cannot fail to visit at least one!


Small fairs you can't miss in Buenos Aires

Photo: Buenos Aires To Go

This is definitely the most famous and recommended in the region. There is a bit of everything there: furniture, decorative items, clothes, crockery, books, food… There is something for everyone! In addition to the place being filled with independent artists, here is the best place to find antiques and vintage pieces.
The fair takes place on Sundays, from 10 am to 5 pm, and the largest concentration of stalls is in Plaza Dorrego. However, it is worth strolling in the surrounding region, because the fair is so large that it extends. Be sure to visit the place after 3 pm, because it is crowded with people mainly in high season.
Address: Plaza Dorrego (intersection of Defensa and Humberto I streets) – San Telmo
Day: Sunday
Schedule: 10 am to 5 pm


Small fairs you can't miss in Buenos Aires

Photo: Slaff via Viajei Bonito

Also known as Plaza Francia Fair, this is the place for those who want to enjoy a peaceful day, but still visit some stalls. The place is full, but it doesn’t compare to San Telmo, it has plenty of space and a green area to relax. Another very nice feature of this fair is that all the artisans who participate, go through a “selection process”, so the pieces found here are of excellent quality. To find out who the artisans are, just go to the fair’s website ?
Another positive point of it is that it is a great alternative for those with children, since in the surroundings there are some musical shows and presentations focused on children.
Address: Plaza Francia (intersection of Pueyrredon and Del Libertador avenues) – Recoleta
Day: Weekends and holidays
Schedule: 11am to 8pm


Small fairs you can't miss in Buenos Aires

Photo: Aguiar Buenos Aires

This is a little smaller market, but as the Palermo neighborhood is a delight, why not find another reason to walk there? This is the best option for those who enjoy fashion, after all, in addition to the stalls, the whole region is full of local stores.
There you will also find many stalls selling handicrafts, canvases and cool drawings. The fair, as well as the neighborhood, is getting more and more known and that is why it has grown a lot in recent years.
Address: Plaza Serrano (intersection of Jorge Luis Borges and Honduras streets) – Palermo
Day: Weekends and holidays
Schedule: 10am to 8pm


Small fairs you can't miss in Buenos Aires

Photo: Andrés Pérez Moreno via Buenos Aires Gob

Since I talked about good prices and exclusivity at the beginning of the post, you can’t leave the city’s flea market out of that selection. Although not quite a fair, in this building, which looks more like a shed, you will find more than 100 fair sellers selling retro pieces, decoration items, lots of furniture, works of art and even appliances – all for a much lower price .
It is worth mentioning that not all stores are amazing, but you will surely be enchanted by an item. Let’s hope it is not a piece of furniture, but something that fits in the suitcase, right?
Address: Av. Dorrego, 1650 (intersection of Álvarez Thomas and Dorrego avenues) – Colegiales / Chacarita
Day: Tuesdays to Sundays
Schedule: 10am to 7pm
Are you also one of those who can’t resist a fair and exclusive items? Tell us your favorite fairs in the city!

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