Small rooms

Small rooms

Small rooms end up being a problem when decorating and storing all our things! Today, there are several solutions to make our life easier: bed with drawers, mirrored cabinets, shelves… Look at 10 small rooms for you to be inspired:



Photo – Refinery 29

The brick room is super stylish, but one wall is enough! The bricks are beautiful and leave the house with an American loft feel. However, the texture ends up visually flattening the environment. The solution is only complementary with neutral furniture and tailored to make the space more suitable.

Basic neutrinho


Foto – Apartamento Terapia

The room is very neutral. The white composes very well with the lighter wood and is a great option for a simpler decoration. The furniture is small and this facilitates the circulation in the environment. I loved the dresser in the corner, because what could be a problem (the column), became a solution to fit the “closet”.



Photo – Casa Claudia

Another way to visually enlarge the space is to use a panel along the entire length of the wall. This gives an impression of spaciousness and is still a great decorative element. Opt for light or classic panels, like the wooden one).



Foto – Apartamento Terapia

Is there a free corner of the house and is there your room? Well, this micro space is ideal for a very tight bed with drawers in the front! Shelves are essential in such an environment. Natural lighting also helps to make the room more cozy!



Photo – Casa de Fifia

The raised bed was the best solution in that room. The drawers are huge and are separated with small internal drawers, that is, it is visually cleaner and inside is perfect for storing thousands of things! The dresses and pieces that need to be hung have gained space on the side wall. Macaws are great options for places where cabinets cannot fit.



Photo – Casa Claudia

This room is more of a concept. I prefer more modern furniture, in white lacquer for example. The cool thing here is to see that a super small space is ideal for a good project. There are dozens of drawers that can store the resident’s clothes. In addition, the raised bed is super stylish!

Clean clean


Photo – Decor Seats

Once again white and wood! The combination is super light and I loved the bed with drawers, the thin closet and the niches! These are good ideas for those who do not need a desk in the room.

Black and white


Photo – Lemon in Water

A very modern room, right? Once again, the column, which could get in the way, helped! This separation was ideal to create two spaces: the bed and the office. Those who liked the idea can still bet on more shelves to store books and decorative objects!



Photo – Moderate

This is the perfect idea for those who live in lofts! The bed is at the top and, thus, creates more space for niches, cabinets and shelves. Those who live in a house or apartment with high ceilings can also bet on this idea!



Picture – One Kin Design

Mirrors are good allies in decorating small environments, remember? A good option is to put a mirror on the cabinet door! In this way, the environment seems much larger and the decoration is very sophisticated!

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