Smells in the cafe

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As I am passionate about the smells of the kitchen, I could not fail to dedicate a little attention to one of my greatest loves, coffee. Very friendly with confectionery and bakery, he goes very well with breads, toast, jellies, cakes, cookies and other preparations. Sometimes, it “comes out of cups” and becomes part of the ingredients of recipes, even ice creams such as ice cream and frappes. The coffee is ours, he “Could Kill for Dessert”.
Coffee, with its fascinating aroma, delights many people. However, his striking character does not prevent him from combining perfectly with other ingredients and thus infinite combinations are born. Who has never been faced with the question: “How do you prefer your coffee?”.
Espresso, passed on paper or cloth strainer? Versatile, it changes depending on the way it is made. As for the additives in the preparation, I like to put cinnamon powder together with coffee in the cloth strainer. But there are other smells that I like to combine.
Tip: By adding sweet spices to your coffee, in addition to bringing you benefits and nutrients (as I say in the spice posts), it reduces the amount of sugar in your coffee. Apply this method of flavoring and removing sugar to other recipes in which sugar is only used to sweeten.
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Using other spices
Vanilla: Do you know those halves of vanilla beans that you put to dry after you used them? Put one of the halves in your cup before putting the coffee warm, wait a minute stirring with a spoon and end up in a vanilla coffee.
Star anise: Place one or two anise stars for each cup of cold water that you will bring to a boil to make your coffee, after boiling, count two minutes and turn off the heat, leave it muffled for another minute and use this tea to make your coffee. Use this same shape with cinnamon sticks or cloves.
Lemon zest, lemon and mandarin zest: In this case, I prefer not to put them directly in the coffee. Beat a whipped cream and add your citrus zest at the end, it’s a show. Tip: If you want to give an ultra mega final touch, with scissors cut some mint leaves into thin strips and throw them over.
More than special floral aromas. Orange blossom water, distilled rose water and floral teas such as lavender, jasmine and others can also be present in your coffee and other recipes. However many people do not like the taste, even if they adjust the dosage. So, for those who want the smell, but do not want the presence so marked in taste, there is a different way to combine the useful with the pleasant. With a paper towel moistened with distilled water or floral infusion, grease the edges of your cup, inside and outside, the same goes for the sides of dishes that you want to give more aromas.
Fruity syrups: Make a thick syrup of passion fruit with sugar, or red fruit with sugar, with the help of a spoon, pass the syrup through the mouth of the cup (only on the inside). Then put your coffee, which goes slowly, while you drink, dissolving the syrup. This option gives more flavor than smell, but enjoy the sensory experience.
Abuse the senses, food has to taste, beauty, texture… but don’t forget the smells!
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