Smoothie ideas 5 ways to make a power smoothie
Smoothie ideas 5 ways to make a power smoothie

Smoothie ideas 5 ways to make a power smoothie

Whether red, yellow or green – smoothies are not only very tasty, they are also incredibly healthy!

Smoothies have long found their way into our hearts. The fresh drinks made from the best of fruit and vegetables should actually enrich our menu every day! Especially in the morning they take care of them Extra portion of vitamins and minerals. How to use simple tricks to turn your vitamin bomb into a Power cannon do, find out here.

Maca powder

Maca is a small, annual plant from the Peruvian Andes. Their roots can be eaten fresh or – which is the only form in which maca can be seen so far – dried and ground to a powder. The powder has a very high content Iron and amino acids on what your own Increases performance, has a balancing and strengthening effect. It tastes pleasantly sweet, but should definitely be dosed with a teaspoon, as it develops a strong taste of its own in high concentration, which is not for everyone.

Green, green, green …

You wouldn’t have thought for a long time, but lamb’s lettuce, spinach, cucumber, the green of carrots or beetroot are real heroes when it comes to the healthy power smoothie. The leaf green is full of Micronutrients and that provides energy. Go to the weekly market, because sometimes you can get the leafy green that is carelessly thrown away by many, cheaper or even for free. Additionally are also Wild herbs an absolute guarantee for more energy and well-being! In some markets, wild herbs are offered for sale early in the morning. Or you occupy yourself with the “pharmacy of nature” and go on a collective walk in the morning. The timing is important because herbs have a higher concentration of nutrients in the morning than at noon or in the evening.

Super berries

So-called “super berries” (German: super berries) are: Goji berries, aronia, acai and mulberries. They all have one thing in common: they are true vitamin bombs and full of antioxidants. That means that they target the body from within Fat burning stimulate and a positive effect on your skin to have. While it’s not yet scientifically proven, these super berries have what it takes Reduce wrinkles and accelerate weight loss.

Shelled hemp seeds

Hemp seeds in the food sector have nothing in common with the by-product of hemp (marijuana) and have no intoxicating effects. You can almost get to that Queens of nutritional foods are counted and are the vegetable source of protein absolutely. That’s why they are with the vegetarian or vegan diet important, but also Pregnant, breastfeeding and elderly women benefit from this ingenious super food (German: super food).

The ones contained in hemp seeds Gamma linolenic acid for example helps with symptoms of inflammatory arthritis or neurodermatitis, relieves symptoms of PMS and generally contributes to clear skin, firm fingernails and healthy hair and promotes weight loss. We could philosophize a lot more about the ingredients of hemp seeds, but limit ourselves to the fact that the nutty taste in the smoothie is simply heavenly!

Chia seeds

These small, inconspicuous, black seeds are finding their way into our kitchens more and more and are causing quite a stir. Why? These little grains are full of power to the top. Your combination of Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and many minerals not only make an important contribution to our health, but also to our appearance! your complexion will thank you! The fascinating thing about chia seeds, however, is that they swell up when they come into contact with liquid – similar to flaxseed – and with the liquid one becomes one savory pudding form. Make yourself a power smoothie fruit pudding with chia seeds and enjoy the full taste!

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