Smudged pencil

Smudged pencil

I love a good smoky black eye. This makeup classic and it can be simpler than you think, you know? Sometimes a pencil smudge on the bottom of the eye is super interesting and gives a different finish to make up.

pencil-black-borradinho-beauty-makeup-danielle-noce-0 Photo – Trend Survivor

This look is perfect for the night, very unpretentious. A very perfect makeup, besides giving a lot more work, can be ideal for a more fun and casual event. Even on a daily basis you can bet on the blurry bottom, see?

pencil-black-borradinho-beauty-makeup-danielle-noce-1 Photos – Marie Claire, Winnin Brasil, Flickr, InStyle UK, Issuu, Getty Images, Sweet Angel Tumblr and Become Gorgeous

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