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Today’s tip comes with one of the most beautiful restaurants in town: A 68 La Pizzeria. Under the command of a team of super talented women (Livia Samara, Isabella Corchs and Lilian de Mesquita), the pizzeria in Belo Horizonte arrived in São Paulo last year and is a perfect destination for those who like good food.
Forget everything that comes to mind when you think of a traditional pizzeria: The decor over there is ultra modern and the restaurant is divided into meticulously decorated environments, with a huge indoor lounge, a super cool lounge and a vip cellar upstairs (perfect for parties!).
The pizzas are also not conventional. Divided into three categories (Classiche, Speciali and Stravaganti), they range from the traditional Margherita to productions that we don’t see every day out there, such as the incredible “Diva”, which takes mozzarella, brie cheese and pepper jelly, very tasty.
pizzeria 68 2Another must-see attraction of the pizzeria is the starters, something I love about this life! Following the suggestion of the house, I went to Filleto alla Fonduta (filet mignon, fondue cheese and sour cream, gratin with parmesan – humm!) Bocconcini alla Deauville (thin pizza dough with brie cheese and honey) and Sapori di Verão (Paris mushrooms stuffed with money from padano, catupiry and parma), delicious!
I confess that after eating all the starters, eating the pizza was almost an exaggeration! But, good food that I am, of course I still had the edge to face the desserts, and soon I had another good surprise: Instead of a menu of ready-made sweet pies or pies, I came across very well prepared and super delicious dessert options decorating the menu, such as Canoli 68 (crunchy pastry filled with white chocolate cream and fresh fruits – very very very good!), warm chocolate crepes and dulce de leche and the chocolate pie with physalis.
pizzeria 68 1For those who like to get their hands dirty, the pizzeria opens space on Tuesdays for cooks on duty at “Pizza dos amigos”. You just need to apply for pizza now and call your friends to see you in action! The ingredients you choose are provided by them and the pizzaiolos of the house take charge when you want to join friends! Feel free!
pizzeria 68 468 la Pizzeria is located at Alameda Tietê, n ° 54, Jardins. Their website is

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