Socks: The Detail That Can Change Your Look

Socks: The Detail That Can Change Your Look

I don’t know about you, but I love it when trends appear subtly in the look, you know? I think that’s why I love it when accessories are on the rise, after all, it is much easier to fit the trend in my personal style. I had already made a post about statement belts with double buckles here on the website and now it’s time to talk about socks.
Well, there is already a post in 2015 about pantyhose, but it is not what I came to show today. The sock socks, those with the shortest barrel that we used a lot in the 90s and early 2000s, came back with everything for fashion. Although they “flatten” the silhouette a little, this is no reason to discard the accessory, okay? I decided to talk about the models that are more popular to, who knows, inspire you to invest in a bold detail in the basic look ?

Sports Sock

Socks: The Detail That Can Change Your Look

Photos: More Than Mannequins (Tumblr) and @vansphilippines

Sports socks, in the old school style, with stripes on the top are the easiest to find around. As sneakers continue with everything, it is worth betting on this timeless combo. For a more basic look it is nice to repeat the footwear tones in the socks.
Now, if you like a different detail, you can play in the mix of colors and styles. Instead of putting together a look with a more sporty face, how about adding a more sophisticated piece? The look is super striking, modern and, of course, comfortable.

Tulle Stocking

Tulle socks with or without prints, oddly enough, are the easiest versions to incorporate into everyday life. This is because they are more delicate and usually appear in classic patterns such as polka dots and stripes.
They can be used with sneakers, but are charming with short boots and cut out – the one with open sides. Is the look perfect or not for the mid season?


Fishnets have appeared a few seasons ago, but socket models are much easier to use, see? As this is a more striking piece, I confess that I prefer the “monochromatic” look.

Lurex sock

Do you love a glow? Lurex is there for that! Although there are versions with sequins, lurex is much more comfortable. If you, like me, do everything to leave the jump at home even in a party / ballad look, these socks are great allies!
You can use it with boots, sneakers, oxfords, moccasins and even open sandals if you enjoy a more daring production.

Printed Sock

Socks: The Detail That Can Change Your Look

Photos: Anthropologie and @laurapshort

Last but not least, I could not fail to mention the socks with fun and / or colorful prints. I have several cute models, but I confess that I have a little bit of difficulty when incorporating it into my looks. Paulo has a very complete collection and always uses it, it’s a matter of preference and style ?
But let’s agree that even if you don’t make them apparent in the productions, they are great options for staying at home? I use it directly!

Where to find?

Did you just see how a little detail can make your look always more stylish? I’m sure that at least one of these models suits you and that’s why I made a selection of 10 incredible pieces to buy now!
Socks: The Detail That Can Change Your Look
1- Altai Company Sports Sock – R $ 35.20
2- Stiff Legwear Tulle Polka Dot Short Sock at Gallerist – R $ 59.00
3- Daniela Arrastão Sock Sock in Jogê – R $ 25,00
4- Farm Lurex sock – R $ 89.00
5- AMARO Black Stripes Half Socket – R $ 39.90
6- Stiff Legwear Lurex Fishnet Short Socks at Gallerist – R $ 69.00
7- Happy Socks Half Strips and Stitches at Shop2gether – R $ 49.00
8- White Poá Sock Sock from AMARO – R $ 39.90
9- Lurex Stripes Medium Sock in Riachuelo – R $ 19.90
10- AMARO Cuff Sock – 39.90

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