Soft drinks Katy Perry: Trouble about Coke ads

Soft drinks Katy Perry: Trouble about Coke ads

An advertising deal with a well-known cola brand got Katy Perry in trouble. Health activists expressed their displeasure about this in an open letter. Because soft drinks are considered unhealthy. But are the sweet drinks also harmful?

The singer Katy Perry is particularly popular with the younger generation and certainly a role model for many children and teenagers. According to US health activists, however, she is a very bad role model. The reason: She is promoting a popular cola brand. However, the sugary soft drinks are extremely unhealthy if they are consumed regularly. The health activists wrote an open letter to Katy Perry to denounce their advertising deal with the cola giant, as reported by the American website “Popcrush”, which also published the letter. It reads: “One in three American children and adolescents is overweight or obese – science shows that a major reason for this is consuming too much Cola and other sugary drinks.” The signatories ask Katy Perry to stop marketing soft drinks . They argue that as a popular pop star, she also has a responsibility because she serves as a role model. When she portrays something as cool, her young fans believe it and imitate it. Is the danger from cola and other soft drinks exaggerated? Or are the sweet drinks really that harmful to your health?

Cola and Soft Drinks: How Unhealthy Are They Really?

One thing cannot be denied for sure: Cola and other soft drinks contain an extremely high amount of sugar. There are around 36 sugar cubes in one liter of cola, which corresponds to around 420 kilocalories. So if you regularly consume such sweet drinks in large quantities, you will actually have great difficulty in maintaining a healthy weight. In addition, the sugar attacks the teeth and can lead to tooth decay – especially if citric acid is also added to the drinks. This also damages the tooth enamel. In addition, the blood sugar level shoots up in no time when drinks containing sugar are consumed – and also drops quickly again. This encourages food cravings, which in turn can lead to overweight and even obesity. In addition, the sense of taste gets used to the sweetness of Cola and Co., so that unsweetened drinks are no longer perceived as tasty. In addition, it is not only the high sugar content in soft drinks that is problematic. Additives such as caffeine, quinine and phosphate should also be consumed with caution. Cola and other lemonades are therefore harmless to health, provided they are only occasionally consumed in small amounts. They are unsuitable as a daily thirst quencher and water substitute, as they actually promote overweight and obesity and can lead to the corresponding secondary diseases of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems and metabolic disorders.

Katy Perry has not yet responded

The health activists have not yet received an official response from Katy Perry. However, it is not known whether she has not found the time to react or whether she is not interested in the subject. In her defense it can be said that with her new album “Prism” she probably has other thoughts in mind than the health consequences of high soft drink consumption. But of course it is not wrong that Katy Perry is a role model and should be aware of her responsibility as such. Then, for example, it could advertise delicious fruit and vegetables instead of cola giants. Maybe she will take the criticism of the health activists to heart after all.

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