Soft Light: lightened hair

Soft Light: lightened hair

Lighted hair is the face of summer! I’m not saying that everyone looks better blonde, quite the opposite. We have to use the hair that matches our personality and no matter the color or texture of the strands.
I selected 4 different shades, but with one thing in common: light! Hair with highlights is natural and even balayage is a great solution. Escape the thick and marked locks, bet on variations of your favorite tones.



Photos – Vogue

Blondes suffer a lot this time of year! In addition to the hair becoming more dry than normal, maintaining the color with the chlorine in the pool is very complicated. It is best to avoid the super platinum tones and look for more gray blondes or pulling for honey. Gigi Hadid’s hair can be an incredible inspiration, as she has very thin strands and in different shades.



Photo – Olivia Culpo

The brown can pulled into the honey is great! There are dozens of beautiful brown tones for the summer. If you like lighter tips, prefer balaiagem since the natural root makes the look more harmonious. Another tip is to brighten the front part more, because you use less chemical in the hair and the effect enhances the color even more.



Photo – Curly Hair

I walk in a phase very passionate about curls and hair with a lot of texture. Afro hair is wonderful for differentiated coloring. Nothing more beautiful than this very voluminous hair, with defined curls and a lightening at the ends: the tone can vary from blonds to coppery reds (it matches super with the skin tone)!



Photo – Female Incredulity

Redheads wouldn’t be left out, would they? The copper and open tones are great for a beachy look, very summer! The lights are incredible, but touch-ups have to be done more frequently and maintaining the color is more complicated. Always remember: the closer the tone gets to your natural, the better!

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