Soup Detox Weight Loss With Soup Fasting: Does It Work?

Soup Detox Weight Loss With Soup Fasting: Does It Work?

A new nutritional trend is spilling over to us from the USA: When you go to souping, you detox with healthy and hearty soups instead of juices. We show what’s behind it and how it works.

What is souping exactly?

To detox and feel lighter many people like to go on a juice diet. After all, fresh fruit and vegetable juices contain many vitamins. However, juices are also high in fructose. In addition, the sweet taste is not for everyone in the long run. If you prefer it warm and hearty and want at least a little something to chew on, then you will love the new souping trend to enjoy. Delicious soups are on the program here. They are pleasantly warm, have a hearty taste and provide a lot of fiber and important nutrients. Due to the high proportion of liquid, soups are wonderfully full. There is even something to chew every now and then because not all soups have to be pureed. That makes sticking out the detox cycle easier for many.

There are already several companies in the US that offer soup fasts. Then you get the right soups for every day. However, these programs are quite expensive and not yet available in Germany. That is why it is popular to cook yourself, which is not a problem in view of the many simple recipes. You just have to pay attention to use only natural ingredients for your detox regimen And, for example, to do without ready-made brewing powder. Animal products such as meat or cream are taboo. Otherwise, however, you can combine several types of vegetables to make a soup or cook a soup from just one vegetable. You can puree all or part of the ingredients after cooking, or just leave the soup clear.

With a few tricks you can even give your kids the greenest vegetables.

Detox cure for the whole family: the kids like it too

Detox should be fun, not stressful! Do you want to detoxify effectively in a natural way – without having to shop for your own menu? No problem, because some foods with a detox effect also taste great with kids. And by the way, they are at least as healthy as dishes such as spinach, ginger & Co. that children don’t like. We have put together a few recipes and ideas that are fun for the whole family.

Is This Detox Diet Healthy?

Soups are a healthy alternative to juices. The menu includes a lot of vegetables, a little fruit and, as a supplement, herbs, seeds and nuts. This gives the body a lot of important nutrients and vitamins, but also proteins and fiber. The soups are also low in fat and provide the body with fluids. The result: toxins are gradually removed. Delicious spices such as turmeric, chilli or caraway also have an alkaline effect and stimulate the metabolism. The bottom line is that soup fasting is healthier and, above all, more varied than a juice diet.

But you should note that soup fasting is not about losing weight quickly. Instead it should the body is cleansed from the inside and freed from harmful substances. The body gets new energy from natural foods.

This is how the soup fast works

Souping is carried out as a cure. It is up to you whether you plan one day or several days up to a week for the soup fast every week. Some do this detox several times a year, others only once. That depends entirely on the individual feeling.

You also have a lot of freedom with the process. The main meals consist of a healthy soup. In between there are smoothies as an energy supplier. A typical souping day could look like this:

  • Before breakfast: warm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

  • Breakfast: chicken broth

  • Morning: smoothie with nuts and seeds

  • Lunch: mashed zucchini soup

  • Afternoon: strawberry and cashew smoothie

  • In the evening: sweet potato soup

It is best to drink plenty of water and unsweetened herbal teas with this.

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Nutrition trends
Detox – health mania or miracle cure?

Fast food, sweets, alcohol and stress leave their mark on us. Are detox cures the right thing to do to do something good for our body?

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