Spa at home: clays and their properties

Spa at home: clays and their properties


Picture – Natucrema

How about taking the holidays to put some beauty tips into practice. Clay is an amazing product for the skin of the face and body – some say that even hair looks wonderful! In addition to nourishing and cleaning, the colors of clays have different properties.

  1. White clay | R $ 11.90
  2. Black Clay | R $ 14.90
  3. Green Clay | R $ 11.90
  4. Pink clay | R $ 11.90
  5. Red clay | R $ 11.90

All these types can be used on any part of the body, always remembering not to leave too much time on the skin of the face. Those who want to test on the legs, belly and arms can use a plastic film to protect for about 20 minutes.
Another cool tip is that you can buy clay powder yourself (links above) and mix it with water and / or some essential oils – to test, better with just water the first time. Use a plastic container to make the cream, because with metal the clay loses some properties.
You can also bet on ready-made creams with clay – Lancôme has a white clay one that is sensational, the price is high but it lasts a long time. Remember that it is not good to use the product every day, once a week is enough.
Want to know where to buy ready-made creams? Look here:

  1. Captive Nature – Clay Face Mask – Oily Skin (80g) in Vitta Verde | R $ 29.70
  2. Love Lettuce by Lush with Earth Clay Fuller (75g) | R $ 52.80
  3. Lancôme Pure Empreinte Mask (100ml) | R $ 249.00
  4. Nativa Spa Argiloterapia – Purifying Facial Mask (75g) at O ​​Boticário | R $ 35.99
  5. Avatim Green Clay Facial Mask (200g) | R $ 45.00

Did you like it? If you want to know more about clays, access here and here (my reference links)!

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