Spa Day: Detox for the New Year
Spa day detox for the new year

Spa Day: Detox for the New Year

Who doesn’t want to start the year feeling good? This is practically a prerequisite for me! Well-being is everything and, as this time of year the rooms are full, there is nothing better than taking the opportunity to make your own Spa day – especially if you are not traveling.
I confess to you that there is nothing better than the beach and a dip in the sea to give you that refreshment, but if you are not spending New Year’s Eve on the beach, nothing prevents you from enjoying a moment of your own at home, right? Refreshing products abound!

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In addition to the daily care that most people have with the face, take the “extra time” to make a deeper mask. On a daily basis we also end up skipping some body creams, so how about also making a beautiful body scrub and moisturizing your skin?

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The hair is also not left out at that moment. Instead of spending hours in the salon, buy good products to use at home. I’m a fan of reconstruction masks and oils to nourish the hair ?

Photo: Lee of America

Last but not least, it is also cool to create a cozy atmosphere in your room or even in the bathroom to enjoy this time of your own. A scented candle is always a good option ?


I made a selection of wonderful products for you to enjoy the Spa day the best way!

1- Cerastase Resistance Therapist Mask at the Cosmetics Season | R $ 195.10
2- Granado Hamamelis Scented Candle | R $ 55.50
3- O Boticário Lemon and Patchouli Body Moisturizer | R $ 54.90
4- The Beauty Box Detox Kit | R $ 152.60
5- The Body Shop Mojito Scrub | R $ 99.00
6- Natura Lime and Orange Blossom Moisturizer | R $ 39.90
7- Lush Gelatinous Facial Mask (The Birth of Venus) | R $ 65.00
8- The Body Shop Exfoliation Glove | R $ 15.00
9- Argan oil from Cris Dios at The Beauty Box | R $ 109.00
10- Lemongrass Bath Kit by l’Occitane au Brésil | R $ 107.00

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