Space 29 – Niterói

Space 29 - Niterói

Espaço 29 is located at Moreira Cesar, in Niterói, and is one of the few houses that remained after the real estate growth that has been taking place for some years. Because of this, the houses were replaced by buildings, which ends up giving a certain charm to the place, as traditional architecture stands out in the landscape.
I have been there many times and there is always something new to see or delight me, and because the space is very well used by a restaurant, a confectionery and a shop of products for the home, I never leave there empty-handed. I recently went to lunch (I actually wanted to arrive for breakfast but with my two-year-old puppy on vacation, I couldn’t make it in time) there. I’m in the caprese salad stage lol, yeah, I’m a woman in the stage stages and everything that takes tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and basil I’m eating. The dish I ordered also has a slice of eggplant, which I also love, so imagine how I was able to smear myself with eating it all accompanied by a foccacia.
For the main course, I immediately ordered two dishes to try, but as the photo of one of them got really ugly I won’t even post it lol but I will comment that both were very tasty, and unlike what we found when we ate in French restaurants this one was very good served (for photos I confess that they don’t look very nice but our stomach thanks rsr). This time my time for appreciating each dish was small because my puppy was like Siri in the Can and between runs after him and forks, I was able to savor everything and in a way that I would say perfect for those who do not want to put on weight. After all, for each mouthful it was an Olympic race through the kkkk restaurant.
I usually like to order several desserts too but it was impossible! So I didn’t think twice, when I saw caramelized banana with pistachio flour and orange sauce, I could not resist! I didn’t even read the rest of the menu (lie, I did read it but this one made me want more).
I couldn’t go through here without leaving a small record of my trips to this space for breakfast and afternoon. Unlike a traditional confectionery, we can feel there in the kitchen of our house, due to several factors: from the decoration to the utensils that are served to us. The value is quite fair despite being a unique value of the type eat as you like (I love this part kkk) and the items were different in all my trips, which is super cool because it makes you want to visit every day. I recommend you try their mini honey bread which is fluffy and super tasty.
Today I’m staying here! A thousand Kisses

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