Special bag for the carnival

Special bag for the carnival

Countdown to the liveliest time of the year, carnival! Wherever you go, a well-equipped carnival case for that moment is essential. Of course, there are some items that are already basic, but others ~ that sometimes we forget ~ I bet you will need a lot. Ah, at the end of the text there is a link to download a complete checklist and on IGTV a video showing my necessa?
Special bag for the carnival
And I’m going to launch a challenge here, whether for block or not: let’s use glitter and make colors on everything! It’s time to shine with this super glow make-up, to liven up and throw that energy up. So let’s pack the necessaire and start the year very prepared.


Whether you are the folie of the blocks or the quiet, it is always important to remember the sunscreen. After all, filters are very necessary at all times, because even on more closed days UVA and UVB rays continue to exist and are harmful. But, it is essential to redouble the care at this time of the year, since the clothes leave the skin more exposed and the sun is with everything.
Special bag for the carnival
There are several types and you can use whatever is best for you. It can be in cream, spray, with or without oil. Of course, now in the summer and carnival the oil options may not be the best, due to the heat. Ah, have you thought about fixing glitter with sunscreen? Perfect union!
Special bag for the carnival
We must also not forget to protect the hair and lips with specific protectors. For the lip, you can use a lipstick that is all right and, for the hair, a protective oil is the best option. I made this post about hair care in the summer, stay tuned.

  • Protective hair oil
  • Sunscreen

Personal hygiene

In addition to a lot of protection, allied to this it is also very necessary to clean the hair and skin very well. The interferences at this time of year are diverse: sun, beach, pool … and now at the carnival: glitter, that unwanted drink that can fall on you: / But, without panic, shampoo and soap are there for that! Oh, don’t forget to use a moisturizer to make everything very healthy and shiny, okay?
Special bag for the carnival
Taking advantage that we are talking about hair and body hygiene, an essential item: deodorant. Remember to use what is good for you, some are just to avoid the bad smell and other antiperspirants, which prevent excess sweat and reduce sweating.

  • Shampoo
  • Hair cream
  • Deodorant
  • Soap

Moisturizing creams

Of course there would be no lack of moisturizers! And that does not depend on what role you are going to do as well. It is very important to hydrate the skin very well because of the summer. In addition, moisturizing the skin prevents the entry of microorganisms that cause infections. Thus, the function of moisturizers is to create a protective layer on the skin and prevent excessive water loss.
Special bag for the carnival
The important thing to think about is also to worry about each part of the body. Therefore, a cream for the body, another for the face and a third for the eyes is very important. For the eyes, it is very important, after all we have very thin skin, which easily dries out, mainly due to the use of makeup that concentrates much more on the eyes and the effort to remove it increases a lot. In addition, moisturizing prevents wrinkles and dark circles.
Oh, don’t forget to use the right moisturizer for your skin type: whether it is dry, oily, mixed or normal.

  • Body cream
  • Facial cream
  • Eye cream

Makeup: skin

It all starts with the skin! Using a good foundation and concealer is an important point if you want to make a make for carnival. And you don’t need to be shy, you can even use it to give that close shot. As much as we think we are going to sweat and it is summer, do not be afraid to use makeup, as the specific products are there for that. That is, using a long-lasting foundation and a fixative is the right way.
Special bag for the carnival
Another option is to use CCcream, which already brings color, protection and hydration! The coverage is not so intense, then you decide. The powder will give a more nuanced effect to the skin, but it can also be an excellent ally to take off the shine in some points of the skin and help with fixation. Blush and highlighter are also very welcome items, in addition to being used to tan the skin and give that glow, they are also great for giving more symmetry to the face, smoothing out imperfections – if they even exist!

  • Base
  • Liquid Paper
  • Face powder
  • Illuminator
  • To blush

Makeup: eyes and mouth

The time has come to put the most fun part of all: make-up for eyes and mouth! Eyeshadows, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, gloss and GLITTER! The more colors you have, the better! Then choose some key shadows, which you like a lot, and some very colorful ones. It is worth looking at some make-up ideas before to take the right colors ? And the same goes for lipsticks and eyeliner – yes, several eyeliner colors here!
Special bag for the carnival
Regarding glitters, an almost indispensable point in carnival, there are several types, from the thinner ones and others that are almost pebbles. Always remember to opt for biodegradables whenever possible. To apply glitter, use the base itself, sunscreen or, for details, eyelash glue.
Special bag for the carnival

  • Mascara
  • Shadow
  • Glitter
  • Eyeliner
  • Lipstick and gloss


To complete the make, make everything more lively and bold, the false eyelashes are everything for a frilly production. There are the most discreet and some very different and ~ beautiful. Colorful, bright, many large and even some LED. Yes, you read that right!
Special bag for the carnival
Of course, you will not forget the glue to put these beauties! But, if you are not going to use your lashes, the eyelash curler is super welcome to keep everything up – always.

  • False eyelashes
  • Eyelash Glue
  • Curvex

Make-up removers

Okay, already showered, hydrated, put on makeup, got home and went to take off her makeup. Yes! When you do not remove makeup residues or other impurities from the skin, the pores are closed and the skin cannot breathe very well. Then there are the blackheads, whiteheads, marks.
Special bag for the carnival
Here, as in moisturizers, protectors, use makeup remover suitable for your skin and for each part of it. Make-up removers can be more invasive, so it is important to use one to remove the base, illuminator etc. and a specific one for the eyes, which are much more sensitive.
+ Ok, you can’t always use biodegradable glitters, so a ribbon to remove the glitter from the skin before getting into the bath and letting everything fall down the drain is essential.

  • Makeup remover cream
  • Glitter ribbon


It also fits in the case some accessories to beautify and make everything more practical. Hair clips are a good choice to add an extra touch to the look. It can be metal, colored or even full of glitter.
Special bag for the carnival
The hair fixer can also be a good one. There goes which one you prefer to use or which one best suits your hair type. But it is important to leave the hairstyle the way you want and, maybe even use it to fix the make up – close your eyes first!

  • Clamps
  • Hair Fixer

So, ready? Ah, checklist for carnival necessaire and watch the IGTV of my carnival necessaire.

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