SPFW 2016: Parades I followed – and I loved it!

SPFW 2016: Parades I followed - and I loved it!

On Thursday I went to follow three SPFW parades. I already showed my look here on the site!
They were super different proposals and I loved them all! Fernanda Yamamoto with her super handmade pieces, light and in soft colors; Juliana Jabour and her incredible accessories, strong colors and striking models; and finally Osklen with a sports mix inspired by the Olympics!

Fernanda yamamoto


Photos: Zé Takahashi / Ag. Fotosite

The show started with pieces in earthy tones and super structured modeling – an incredible 3D chess caught the eye. It didn’t take long for the lace to appear in deconstructed, modern and very light pieces. Yamamoto’s winter is soft and feminine!

Photos: Zé Takahashi / Ag. Fotosite

The colors started to appear in lilac, roses, blues and oranges. In the end, the surprise: customers, family and friends of the stylist paraded and rocked! The collection and the parade are a show! I loved the braids and the super light makeup too.

Juliana Jabour


Photos: Zé Takahashi / Ag. Fotosite

The parade has already started all powerful with the entrance of the beautiful Fernanda Lima! The pieces started with a dark background and primary colors in knitted bands. The marsala came with everything in impactful productions.

Photos: Zé Takahashi / Ag. Fotosite

My favorite print is certainly that of dragonflies with an orange background – super cute and feminine! Fringes also gained space in leather coats and jackets.
At the end, the looks with very modern colored embroidery gained prominence; the bugle beads and beads made the production very sophisticated!

Photos: O Globo / Lez a Lez

The accessories are amazing !!! I was completely in love with the brand’s bags and shoes and you want to know the best news ?? They are already for sale on the Lez a Lez website (a brand that Ju Jabour is a creative director). I swear, it’s wonderful!



Photos: Zé Takahashi / Ag. Fotosite

At the end of the day I went to check out Osklen’s collection! The most casual but very sophisticated footprint was present in all the pieces. Slip dresses and bathrobes opened the collection, almost all in black and white. Then the strong colors and stripes (inspired by flags) took over the catwalk. Velvet was also very strong in the brand’s winter collection – and I love it!

Photos: Zé Takahashi / Ag. Fotosite

The flowing dresses caught my attention a lot – both in the black and white version and in the print (in a beautiful gold). The boys were not left out either. This look that I selected is one of my favorites, since the colorful jacket is super modern and cool.

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