SPFW: Stripes, strips and bands

SPFW: Stripes, strips and bands

I know that São Paulo Fashion Week is over, but it’s time to look at next summer’s trends. Many brands bet on straight lines in their prints and cutouts – stripes, strips and bands took the catwalks!

stripes-strips-and-colored-bands-trend-spfw-summer-2017-danielle-noce-1 Photos – Reinaldo Lourenço (Zé Takahashi / Ag. Fotosite)

Reinaldo Lourenço was certainly the one who bet the most on them! In fact, his past collection has already brought the striped pleats that were transformed into wide pleats and bands. This harmony between the pattern and the construction of the piece worked so well that the stylist had to repeat the dose – and we appreciate it!
However, it was not just him who invested in this pattern vs. modeling. The brands GIG Couture, Gloria Coelho and Lolitta also knew how to make striking pieces with wide strips and incredible cuts:

stripes-strips-and-colored-bands-trend-spfw-summer-2017-danielle-noce-2 Photos – GIG Couture (Zé Takahashi / Ag. Fotosite), Gloria Coelho (Marcelo Soubhia / Ag. Fotosite) and Lolitta (Zé Takahashi / Ag. Fotosite)

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