SPFW Summer 2017: First day

SPFW Summer 2017: First day

The first day of SPFW always brings that expectation of what is to come. Fluttering pieces? Technological fabrics? What will be the color palette? There are many questions, but the first parades already gave a preview for next summer…

Lilly Sarti

first-day-spfw-n41-summer-2017-danielle-noce-1 Photos – Zé Takahashi / Ag. Fotosite

Earthy tones continue very strongly in light and fluid fabrics. In fact, lightness is a good word to describe the collection of the duo Lilly and Renata Sarti.
The transparencies and prints give a special touch to the productions. In addition, necklines and slits appeared a lot on the catwalk.

One by Raquel Davidowicz

first-day-spfw-n41-summer-2017-danielle-noce-2 Photos – Zé Takahashi / Ag. Fotosite

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