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There is a certain spirituality that states that the moods of those who prepare food are transferred to food. In this regard, I remember my grandmother saying that she did not make a cake under a bad mood because that way he would not be cool, that was also true for the preparations of São João, mostly derived from corn. In my grandmother’s June dishes are the oldest presence in my memory of the spice in this post, one of the ones I most appreciate, cinnamon!
Cinnamon is used in the perfumery industry, in pharmaceuticals, in the kitchen in general, it can be present and in sweet and savory preparations too! It can be used during the cooking of delicacies to complement the flavor as in peaches cooked in syrup, or in the use of condiments such as Indian and Syrian pepper. You can finish dishes already made to give that touch as we can see sprinkled with hominy, rice pudding and hot chocolate. Cinnamon is also present as the main flavor of some preparations such as Cinnamon Rolls (Cinnamon Rolls) which is a sweet bread with a soft texture, incredible aroma and flavor.
Cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka and has several properties! Its preservative agent is one of the strongest. In Ancient Egypt, a compound was extracted from cinnamon for the embalming / mummification process, and in this period cinnamon was more expensive than gold. As it has vasodilating properties, it fights high blood pressure and is good for the metabolism and circulatory system. Rich in calcium, it prevents osteoporosis, is digestive, anti-inflammatory, beneficial to the respiratory system and helps in muscle relaxation.
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Cinnamon sticks (bark of the cinnamon tree) have a substance called tannin, which makes it astringent, is widely studied by gastronomy and is present in red wines, coffee and chocolate. Tannin imparts dark color and flavor, and low temperatures enhance its astringent feeling, which can make your appreciation unpleasant. For this reason, cold coffee and red wines are so different at lower temperatures. In the case of chocolate, the more bitter (less sugar), the more tannins and their taste when cold becomes fuller.
Is cinnamon valid? Yes, it needs to be well stored to avoid the degradation of its essential oils and therefore of its properties. There are three common degradations in oils (this includes olive oils): Degradation by light (exposure to light, therefore dark packaging), Oxidation (contact with oxygen, whether in air or water) and Heat. Therefore, the care to have your cinnamon in good quality for a long time is to store it in a tightly closed pot, in a cool, dry place and without bright light. Thus, you will have a cheap, safe, healthy, aromatic, tasty and nutritious ingredient in your hands for a long time.

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