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For months Detlef D! Soost to ask us to also become part of the 10 Weeks BodyChange Challenge. Everything looks very promising on the before / after pictures. I want to test whether this really works. I’m currently in week two.

Week two of my “10 Weeks BodyChange” challenge has begun and by now I have got used to the change in diet. The reason for this is definitely the so-called Loadtag. A day of the week when I can eat whatever I want and you don’t have to do without anything.

While the first day of the Loadtag was still a total escalation and ended with my being so incredibly sick, the second was very civilized. Possibly because my body and the bastard are slowly starting to get the hang of it. I haven’t seen the bastard that often lately either. Well, one or the other time he crept after me sadly and tried to make me feel guilty or showed me pictures of the time we spent together, but slowly he seems to have understood that we must have separated. While he still has the relationship status “It’s complicated”, I made a clear decision to be single.

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Sponsored by BodyChange®
Slim in 10 weeks like Daniela Katzenberger?

Every year I make a resolution: In summer you have the hammer bikini body. And every year I fail miserably. That should change now!

But how am I doing in week 2 and what changes have I noticed?

As I said, one change is definitely the constant renouncement of certain foods and the fact that it is easier for me than at the beginning. It starts to become part of my everyday life and to integrate more and more into my usual rhythm. You also get used to the daily fresh cooking and preparation pretty quickly. The recipes are incredibly diverse, easy to implement and a no brainer even for those who are not familiar with the kitchen. There is the possibility to prepare a delicious chili con carne, Asian noodles with chicken or even chicken with oven vegetables.

And anyone who doesn’t have the time or inclination to prepare scrambled eggs in the morning can also use the Bodychange shake. This is easy to prepare and, contrary to my expectations, a nice change.

This word with “K” …

Eggs are a big part of the diet, regardless of the form. This of course also leads to weekly hamster purchases and the somewhat incredulous looks from other supermarket customers and the cashiers. Recently I was even asked how many cakes I would bake. Cake? If she only knew!

Goodbye to sunshine

However, there is something else that has changed a lot since the beginning and strengthened in the last day: my mood. And I don’t mean that from now on I’ll always be in a good mood hopping through the corridors and beaming with joy, on the contrary.

I mutate more into a mixture of Grumpy Cat and Miranda Priestly from “The Devil Wears Prada”, in which a single puckering of the lip heralds the end. I mean, everyone knows that there are good days and bad days. On the less good days you try not to let it show and you just avoid some people.

And then there are the normal days. Or they haven’t existed for two weeks either. Trying not to be in a bad mood or be bitchy only works to a limited extent. Being diplomatic and avoiding conflicts doesn’t work at all. I feel like a fighting terrier kept on a leash that is too short.

My personal highlight – and I’m still pretty sure it wasn’t me – happened on the weekend when I told a friend’s boyfriend in public my opinion (reasoned, as I still think by the way) and at the same time, to add emphasis to the whole thing, hit the table. Well then …

No end in sight, right?

Because I’m still in week two – and eight are still ahead of me. So it can be very funny for those around me – or not.

Best tactic to survive: Best to get out of my way.

But there is also positive news, because I lost 500g in the first few weeks and soon my workout will start and I am curious what to expect. But do not worry, I will report. As a precaution, I’ve already been to the gym at the weekend and have already prepared myself a little emotionally.

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