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A reinterpretation of classic desserts with a touch of Asian flavors / spices. This is the proposal of the Spot Dessert Bar. Located in the East Village, anyone can end up noticing that in 13 Marks Place Street, is this preciousness of dessert lovers. This is because it is located in the attic of an old and classic house in the region, and with a simple and “clean” architecture that helps us to go unnoticed.
With attentive eyes, then, we can enjoy their desserts, self-styled slaps. And the best: the house makes seasonal menus. Each season, different flavor combinations in classic or new desserts. Tapas are shareable – that’s what the menu says; with $ 23.95 you can choose 3 of the 9 offered by the menu (quite a price).
After a painful decision about what delights to try, Chocolate Forest was one of them. Chosen by the residents of the region as the best dessert of the year 2014, this is a chocolate mousse topping with pistachio and apricot crunch accompanied by pistachio ice cream.
The chocolate forest still has a surprise inside: a delicious chocolate coating. It certainly deserves all the merit of being chosen as the best dessert.
The second option of the day is classified as “the” delicious. THE Black Truffle is a reinterpretation of the French dessert “parfait”, which is nothing more than a icy verrine with different layers that can be composed of ice cream, creams, jellies and the like. The Sport Dessert Bar version was not a verrine, but literally a truffle with the exotic flavor of black truffle accompanied by a crispy vanilla, almond flour and an apricot sauce. An extremely tasty and exotic dessert.
And finally, my favorite: Yuzu Eskimo. A combination of Japanese citrus ice cream with chocolate ganache, strawberries and a Oreo crust. This was without a doubt the most delicious, extremely tasty and refreshing tapa. And although it is not hot, who denies ice cream?
The Dessert Spot Bar is a delightful surprise on the streets of Manhattan. And that inspires innovation and flavor in a dessert dish.

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