Spring cleaning: instructions for use, list and schedule!

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The period is favorable for a big spring cleaning. Indeed, we take advantage of warmer temperatures to be able to ventilate our house. But the days that get longer also allow us to save a few minutes to clean your interior in broad daylight. Because it is not done in a snap but above all, my instructions for a great spring cleaning takes place in 2 weeks. A little daily effort, and your apartment will be transformed.

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Spring cleaning: list and schedule

  • Open your windows and ventilate your rooms
  • Revise your classics with these 10 tips to make things spotless that you never thought you could clean
  • Clean and wash your walls with black soap
  • Shampoo your carpet and wash your rugs
  • Wash your sofa cover, cushions, throws and curtains
  • Clean your fireplace insert
  • Completely empty your fridge and clean bins, shelves and baskets with a microfiber cloth and white vinegar.
  • Defrost and shine your freezer
  • Sort your kitchen cupboards, check the expiration dates of foods. Then, clean the shelves and reorganize your food by category
  • Degrease your oven, microwave, hood and hobs
  • Pyrolysis your oven
  • Disinfect, de-clutter and reorganize your worktop
  • Clean and disinfect your trash cans
  • Pour directly into the tub of the dishwasher 6 tablespoons of citric acid or 250ml of white vinegar. Then run the machine empty.
  • Descale the faucet
  • Unclog your pipes
  • Sort your medicine cabinet and your makeup, throw away expired products
  • Clean the entire bathroom with white vinegar
  • Loosen your joints with black soap or redo them using silicone sealant
  • Fight bacteria with your homemade toilet gel
  • Wash mattress covers, sheets, duvets, pillows and soft toys
  • Clean under and behind the bed
  • Turn your mattress over to summer
  • Clean your terrace at the Karcher
  • Degrease your barbecue
  • Make your own household products
  • Check the batteries of smoke detectors
  • During an epidemic, disinfect handles, switches, remote controls and stair handrails with bleach
  • Finally, donate or throw away clothes, objects and toys that you no longer use or that are stained or broken.
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Spring cleaning instructions part by part

Materials needed to make your home shine

First of all, it is better to gather all the ingredients for a successful cleansing session.

You will therefore need the following tools and products:

  • A vacuum
  • Microfiber cloths, reusable, they are therefore more ecological. But above all, they attack all surfaces and without scratching them
  • A pair of gloves
  • Sodium bicarbonate, will allow you to fight against odors, to clean your carpets, your oven and your toilets
  • Black soap, to wash the walls, degrease your terrace, clean your parquet and your tiles but also make silverware shine.
  • And white vinegar, your green ally for disinfecting and descaling
  • Citric acid which perfectly descales stainless steel, enamel, washing machines.
  • Finally, remember to have large garbage bags nearby for sorting items and clothing.
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Salon cleaning

If your sofa covers are removable, grab the cover and slip it into your washing machine along with your cushion, throw and curtain covers. If this is not the case, vacuum it meticulously, remove the stains with a suitable product then use a liquid shampoo to give it a second life. Finally, if your sofa is made of leather, consider moisturizing it with a body lotion or a dedicated treatment.

Then clean and wash your walls with black soap.

Then, for your floor, you will have to adapt your cleaning method to your type of coating. For a carpet shampoo it. The parquet can also be purified with black soap. You can sublimate the result by using an oil or a renovator.

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A kitchen that shines!

Even if it is recommended to clean your fridge regularly, take advantage of the period to completely clean up the space. To do this, completely empty your refrigerator and freezer. Remove all shelves, drawers and defrost your appliance. Clean everything with microfiber cloths and white vinegar.

For storage cupboards, declutter all your provisions and take the opportunity to get rid of any expired food. Clean thoroughly and re-organize your food by category.

Then tackle the fatty parts of your kitchen as part of this spring cleaning. Then again, white vinegar is your best buddy! Indeed, prepare a solution of white vinegar to mix with 2 large spoons of baking soda and a little water. Also, if your oven is particularly dirty, add a spoonful of soda crystals. Place part of this recipe on the walls of your oven and keep the rest in a dish that you slip into your appliance. Start cooking at 100 ° C for 50 minutes. Once the time is up, open your oven and the fat will come off with a simple swipe of the sponge!

You can do the same for the microwave or use half a lemon pulp side up in a bowl filled with water.

Hood and workplan can then be degreased with vinegar + baking soda.

Finally, it’s up to your dishwasher to start over. For this you have the right to two different ingredients to use depending on your available stocks!

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Citric acid or white vinegar!

Bathroom side

So start the adventure with a classic cleaning with a rag microfiber and White vinegar. Then, sort out the contents of your vanity unit. Then bring the expired drugs at the pharmacy and throw it away makeup out of use. Take the opportunity to shine your shelves.

Then tackle your tile joints. They are probably well damaged. And maybe even contain mold. You will find a great video tutorial here. However, the summary is simple: spray on your clogged joints a solution composed of white vinegar and baking soda. Scrub your walls with a sponge. Finally, whiten your joints with toothpaste and a toothbrush.

Then, there are other joints to attack: those in silicone which allow to seal your tub or shower. First remove the old seal. Then apply two strips of masking tape (usually used for painting) to outline the edges of the putty. Put down your silicone and remove the adhesive. You will then get a silicone gaskets straight and perfectly posed!

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Sponge + 2 large spoons of baking soda + 10cl of white vinegar

Toothbrush + toothpaste

Gun for sealant and glue cartridges + Sealant + Masking tape

Finally, for the sanitary facilities, make a homemade toilet gel with this simple recipe.

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