Spring hair!

Spring hair!

Spring has finally come! There’s no way you don’t want to wear lighter, colorful clothes, new accessories … And of course the hair wouldn’t be left out.
Loose, modern and light cuts are the best options. None of those super long wires! I separated 3 types of cuts for you to be inspired by this season:

Shredded short


Photo 1 – The right hairstyles / Photo 2 – Makeup tutorials

The shreds are super modern! The shorts are super easy to care for and you will definitely remove that dry face on the wires. It is much easier to wash, dry, care, moisturize … The shreds no longer make the look perfect, so just fix it the way you prefer!

Short behaved


Photo 1 – Pop haircuts / Photo 2 – Fabulous Mom

Curly hair is more voluminous and, therefore, it is not good to pick or fray the strands so much. Opt for a straighter or diagonal base and ask to peak at the ends a little to make the curls even more beautiful! It’s past time to abolish the progressive, right?



Photo 1 – Brit.co / Photo 2 – Styles Weekly

The midfielders continue with everything !! Straight or completely frayed base, the length is ideal for the season. Light, chic and unpretentious!

Have you chosen yours?

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