St. Petersburg’s 5 most interesting regions

St. Petersburg's 5 most interesting regions

Saint Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia, behind Moscow. Just because of this data, we can already imagine that there are many places to visit there, right? The streets of the city are charming and each corner has a characteristic that makes it unique.
The landscape of the place is beautiful and with several channels, so many people in St. Petersburg compare with Venice. So that you don’t get too lost over there, I’ll tell you about the 5 coolest regions that are worth visiting. I’m still not going to tell you much about tourist spots, because soon I will make a post just for that ?

Nevsky Prospekt

St. Petersburg's 5 most interesting regions

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You cannot leave St. Petersburg without having walked Nevsky Avenue. It is basically the main street in the city. For this reason it is super busy, both by pedestrians and also by cars – it is almost impossible to see this peaceful part of the city. Several hotels are located in this region, as well as many restaurants and bars.
One of the most delicious places there is Ukrop, a cafe with a super cute decoration and specializing in vegetarian and vegan food. At the end of the avenue you will find the Alexandre Nevsky Monastery which, like the place, is named after the great leader of Medieval Russia.

New Holland

St. Petersburg's 5 most interesting regions

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The city does not have many green areas, but the New Holland region is one of the exceptions. This small island, in the past, was closed to the public because it was used to build ships and naval warehouses. Only in 2010 was the space given to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich who restored the island and opened it to the public in 2011.
It is a super nice area to stroll, not only for the green areas, but also for the small cafes and shops. For those who enjoy places more hipsters, you can not miss going to this part of the city. One of the most visited spots there is the New Holland Arch, which was designed by Vallin de la Mothe in 1779.

Vasilievsky Island

St. Petersburg's 5 most interesting regions

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Vasilievsky Island is the largest island in St. Petersburg and is considered to be the largest part of the historic center. To get there you will probably go over a bridge – it will probably be the Palace Bridge or the Bridge Blagoveshchensky which are the two most famous in the city. It’s nice to walk around the island, so take a day to try the whole region!
Several of the city’s oldest buildings are in this area, such as the University of St. Petersburg, the Kunstkamera museum and the Russian Academy of Sciences. The eastern part is busier because of the university, and there you will find several bars and a very lively nightlife. Ah, you can get to the island by subway – the nearest station is the


St. Petersburg's 5 most interesting regions

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Petrogradskaya is a district made up of 3 islands: Zayachy Island, the Island of Aptekarsky and Petrovsky Island. All of them are very close and have an older atmosphere because of their buildings. The streets have a unique charm and are very pleasant for walking. In this region of the city are important tourist and historical points, such as the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Kirov Central Park and the Alexander Park.
As in Vasilievsky Island, the region is very busy, mainly by students. They have great universities and research institutions there. You will hardly find any abandoned place, so it is a great area to stroll even at night.


St. Petersburg's 5 most interesting regions

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Pushkin is a more peripheral part of St. Petersburg, but it has attracted many visitors because of its architecture, such as the Catherine Palace. This building is beautiful both outside and inside, which is open to visitors.
In front of the palace there is Catherine Park, which has incredible gardens and wonderful scenery. It is full of lakes, sculptures and different trails so you can get to know the area from different angles. In the fall and spring it looks even more beautiful!
St. Petersburg is full of amazing places, right? Paulo and I can’t wait for our trip there. Tell me here if I left out any region that is also important!

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