Stairs in Focus

Stairs in Focus

Some structural elements may seem “dull” at first, but believe me: every corner of the house can have a charm! With the ladder it is no different, after all, this construction can become the highlight of any décor ?

Stairs in Focus

Photo: Domino

Indirect lighting, unusual colors, prints, coverings … You can believe that even a carpentry staircase without many attractions can serve as a basis for super interesting elements and, consequently, render an incredible decoration!

Touch of Color

Stairs in Focus

Photos: Copper Cabinet and OneChitecture

I confess that I can’t let go of the hydraulic tiles and patterned tiles! This super-colored coating transforms any step, right? The pieces are perfect to complement the decor of an outdoor area with a more rustic footprint.

Now, if you have a more modern and urban style, you can bet on differentiated paintings! One color is worth all the steps, gradients, graphic elements… Just use your creativity!


It is useless to deny that indirect lighting is an excellent ally when we want to value some item of décor! In addition to making the space more welcoming and sophisticated, there are several ways to place the lighting: built-in leds under the steps, on the sides and even floor lamps if the staircase is wider.


Stairs in Focus

Photos: Design Sponge and The Llily Pad Cottage

Is your business a comfortable and cozy decoration? Treadmills and carpets are great options! In the case of rugs, be sure to look for a non-slip alternative and to fix the fabric very well, okay? An extra texture always makes the environment more welcoming ?

Modern Handrail

The charm of your stairs does not necessarily need to be on the steps. Modern handrails and supports are excellent allies and still work almost like panels! Wooden slats, ropes, fabric, mix of materials… All of this works!


So, do you also like a different staircase?

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