Star body Keira Knightley’s Top 5: Guaranteed to get slim and beautiful quickly

Star body Keira Knightley's Top 5: Guaranteed to get slim and beautiful quickly

A healthy diet is what many people want. But sometimes it is difficult to find time for them. Keira Knightley shares her top 5 nutrition tips with you.

A change in diet often requires a lot of planning and, above all, time. With that, the good intentions of most of them have already been ruined, because job and family often leave little room for maneuver. Actress Keira Knightley (33) can also sing a song from time pressure. The 33-year-old has a daughter and is constantly on the film set. Here’s how she manages to look so good under these conditions:

1. Nutrition tip from Keira Knightley: Put on ginger in the morning

Juice spritzers and freshly squeezed orange juice are only supposedly healthy. What you don’t see: they contain real amounts of crystal and fructose! Instead, drink ginger tea with your breakfast. The root is not only a fat burner, it also curbs your appetite and has a calorie-burning effect. With the superfood, you also start the day with real power: There are more than 500 healing ingredients such as vitamin C and minerals in the hot tuber.

Here are 5 things you would never have expected from ginger …

5 plus points on the medicinal plants of the year 2018.jpg

Superfood ginger
We would never have expected these 5 things from ginger! And neither do you

The spicy tuber is a real all-rounder. We’ll tell you eight good and healthy reasons why ginger should not be missing in your diet.

2. Nutrition tip from Keira Knightley: Fiber is on the plate in the morning and at noon

Fiber is an important part of a healthy diet, it keeps you feeling full for a long time and protects you from cravings. A muesli with flaxseed or chia seeds provides you with enough fiber in the morning. A constant fiber intake will keep you fit throughout your day. At lunchtime, for example, you can eat legumes such as lentils or beans. These also contain a lot of fiber and their indigestible starch ensures that you stay full for a long time.

Healthy salad alternative: This salad is not only healthy, it is also delicious!

This delicious lentil recipe is easy to make, healthy, and non-fat.

Low carb recipe
This lentil salad is also eaten by supermodels

Doesn’t make you fat, is healthy and tastes delicious – the lentil recipe from supermodel Charlotte Collard.

3rd diet tip from Keira Knightley: Avoid salt!

The “German Nutrition Society” recommends consuming a maximum of six grams of salt per day. This is roughly equivalent to a level teaspoon. According to a study by the “Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture”, however, men consume an average of 10 grams and women 8.4 grams of salt. So: More than 75 percent of all men and almost 70 percent of women consume too much salt! Too much salt in our diet contributes significantly to cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, promotes kidney diseases and leads to calcium excretion.

Next time, it is better to use herbs than the salt shaker. Cress, parsley, chives, chilli and Co. are not only healthy, they also add that certain something to your dishes!

4. Nutrition tip from Keira Knightley: Harz cheese

You can’t smell his lightness: He’s a real stinker! Harz cheese is one of the lowest-fat cheeses and is therefore definitely suitable for a healthy diet and for weight loss. The sour milk cheese is rich in protein and vital substances. In this way, it actively prevents muscle breakdown, which can occur when losing weight without exercising.

5th Nutrition Tip from Keira Knightley: No Sugar

Maltose, sucrose, fructose, lactose, glucose … The list of sugars ending with “ose” is long. One thing is therefore clear: there is much more sugar in products than we would actually like! But eating a sugar-free diet doesn’t have to be complicated. With these simple tricks it will work for your next purchase:

  • You fill half of your shopping cart with fruit and vegetables
  • a quarter with fat-free protein carriers such as low-fat yogurt, low-fat quark, poultry, eggs and low-fat cheese
  • a quarter with healthy energy sources such as oatmeal, rice, pasta and wholemeal bread
  • Ready-made products are now a no-go
  • no sweetened drinks and sodas
  • no sweets

However, you don’t have to go completely without sweets. When baking cakes, you can use sugar alternatives: Sukrin or stevia. Both are naturally occurring substances that have hardly any calories and do not artificially raise blood sugar levels.

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